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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [SU/DS]

Here's my two others. Post size restrictions wouldn't let me keep them with Anya and Rayna.

Name: Ariel Hyde (He asks everyone who stays around him long enough to call him Hyde, as he has always hated his first name)
Gender: Male
Age: He's...kind of lost track, but he's older than he appears, which is...not old? His appearance makes it nearly impossible to tell.
Race: Human...?
Class: Mage
Druid- It seems that part of the experimentation he endured under his mad master gave tapped into Hyde's magical abilities, allowing him to heal minor injuries and use a few small attack spells, most of this tapped into power apparently went into giving him the ability to shapeshift into a somewhat long-limbed, colorless lion with seafoam colored eyes. It is this form he typically adopts when entering battle, otherwise, he uses his "deformed human" body to his full advantage--something that is rather rare.
Appearance: Though Hyde is human, he's a He bears the appearance of a living Jack Skellington, with an extremely thin body and elongated limbs that stretches human limits. Coming to stand at roughly seven feet tall, maybe shorter, he finds himself forced to look down at nearly everyone he meets, or crouch to their level to see them, and he rarely goes into buildings because he finds them cramped, and people flee and scream at the sight of him anyway. He has arms nearly as long as his legs with massive hands attached and long, thin fingers. He has an angular face framed by a wild lion's mane of literally colorless hair and gentle seafoam green eyes that can appear warm and stressed at the same time, while his skin is almost as colorless as his hair. He is often seen wearing a kind of patchwork long sleeve shirt that is mostly black and held together with surprisingly neat stitches and blue pants that it appears he made to fit himself, though it took him forever to find anyone willing to sell him the material. he keeps his hands and feet bare.
Personality: Shunned by most of society, Hyde is a very quiet, almost shy seeming man with a bitter side to him when you get him to talk. His monstrous appearance has not had any affect on his personality otherwise, he has a huge heart and is capable of being a very gentle, lazy person when he's not around populated areas. He treats anyone willing to get close enough to him with respect and the manner of a gentleman, but not many are willing to get close enough to him for good reasons, so he's mostly wary of others. He loves the outdoors, and has used his free years roaming Gaia and learning about the plant life, making him incredibly knowledgeable where plants are concerned, and it's given him the opportunity learn to control his hands very well, allowing hands that could wrap around a grown human's head fairly easily to tend to things like flowers with a gentle touch. While he tries to stay out of conflicts, he is not a complete pacifist and will hurt those who harm the innocent willingly. He cares about the few people willing to stay around him, and will return their willingness to ignore his appearance by protecting them as well as he can, as well as trying to do just about anything they ask.
History: Hyde was one of three children in his home village who all worked under an alchemist who also dabbled in magic, and became close to the other two children, whom he had known long before they began working as assistants to the alchemist--a man who was quite respected in their village. The two were a girl who constantly enjoyed teasing the boys she dealt with daily to prove she was tough as any boy whose name was Aileena Crowfeather, and another boy who had insane observational skills and a memory to match, whose name was Gareth Nightshade. Considering their age, the trio worked well with him and each other, getting along like a family...until two years after they began working with him. Hyde was sent out to go buy supplies by the alchemist, oblivious to the fact that when he returned, his life would be changed forever. He entered the house on returning to find Aileena pinned to the floor, try to drag herself away from the man they had worked with for the past two years. When she realized he was there, she told him to run and that he had already gotten Gareth as well--screamed it actually, but he found himself unable to run and ended up sharing his fate with his friends. The alchemist had gone completely mad, and proceeded to use the children he had worked with as test subjects for whatever he saw fit, taking them away to another house, where he kept them caged up and remained relatively unbothered. This ended in Hyde's once brown hair and fair skin losing their color and stretching the boy's limbs to inhuman lengths and tapped into his own abilities in magic, Aileena was given a single large crow's wing and then he used her to test resistance spells and whatever else he could come up with, leaving behind a webwork of scars over her body, while Gareth was used as a guinea pig for almost everything else, leaving the boy with blue-tinted skin, perfect night vision, and dozen someodd side-effects from this or that. They don't know how long they were trapped and had to endure this torment, but eventually the alchemist did die, and freed them just before he did--without ridding them of the proof of his experiments and assuring that they would not be accepted by normal society. The trio promptly made the decision to burn the house down after raiding it for what they could use, and shortly after, went their own ways.

Hyde spent his free years roaming Gaia and learning about plants, as he had always taken a bit of a fancy to them, and it allowed him to learn to control his new elongated limbs rather well. He avoided most populated areas, but managed to find someone willing to hold still long enough for him to pay for the material to make his pants--money he worked in a freak show to get, but he likes talking about his time there less than he does talking about living as the alchemist's captive. He worked for a traveling circus for awhile as well, which was a slightly better experience, but not by much, and more recently he's taken to wandering again.
Sacred Beast: N/A
Other: If you have a hard time picturing his deformities (arms and hands in particular) he was inspired by Hunt from Tegami Bachi, hopefully that helps give you a better idea. Also--that pic a nearly impossible to find.

Name: Aileena Crowfeather
Gender: Female
Age: She lost track a long time ago, but she's the same age as Hyde in spite the fact she appears to be in her early twenties.
Race: Human...?
Class: Warrior
Berserker-Often, Aileena fights fueled by rage at the humans who shun her, and stops for close to nothing until her enemies are dead.
Guardian-Aileena was chosen as the Guardian of Harland, and bears his mark on the right side of her chest.
Appearance: Honestly, Aileena looks the most human of the experimented upon apprentices, her appearance only marred by a single large, night-black crow wing protruding from her back on her right side. Other than that, she looks like a girl who is trying to look more like a boy, minus her lower back length hair, which is wild as can be and the color of rust, as well as her long eyelashes, framing pale green eyes. Her clothing consists of a slightly large black shirt under a large red leather trenchcoat that has been patched in a few places by a hand that displays very careful needlework, both of which have been slit open carefully to allow for her wing to move freely, along with a pair of baggy black pants, the bottoms of which are shoved into a pair of black mid-calf length boots so that that they pile up a bit and kind of mushroom over the tops of her boots. A single, fairly simple broadsword can be found strapped to her side, and provided you can get her to shed her coat (Ha! Fat chance of that!), you may catch sight of scars of all manners curled around her arms, as well as more recent scratches and bruises. She has more along her legs and torso, but her arms are those you're most likely to see. It is quite possible you may find her with all manners of birds around her or on her.
Personality: Aileena is, above all, wary of people. She refuses to shake hands, and tries to avoid touching people in general. If they try to ask her too much, she is more likely to flee than answer them, and she has a special fear of mages and alchemists, not hesitating to freak out if one comes too close to her. Provided she doesn't flee from you and ends up in a conversation, Aileena is a very bitter and sharp-tongued woman who seems to despise the world and the people in it, and has about enough room in her heart to hold birds and the other two who endured the same torment as she did, but not much beyond that, which results in her being rather sarcastic and/or downright insulting. Her anger can often get the best of her which her kindness lies buried at the bottom of the heart she barely still has. She trusts no one but the other two apprentices she was tortured with, and no one else. Part of her seems to wish that she could either erase the past or at least be considered normal again, but she knows neither will happen, her wings and scars will not disappear, and people will still hurt her both verbally and physically for being a "freak."
History: *shares Hyde's until the end of paragraph one* After the trio split, Aileena found herself a bit lost. She found that quite a fair bit of time had passed since she and the others had lived normal lives and all she wanted was to go back to normalcy in spite the fact that no one would accept her and her deformed body. Unlike Hyde, she could not find a place to be even remotely accepted and continually searched for a town where she would be welcomed rather than being taunted and insulted for something she had no control over. It made her hate of the alchemist grow as well as her fear of alchemists and mages. She quickly turned away from humanity and sought out a life of simplicity among the birds she now found she could talk with, as it seemed trouble seemed to follow her into towns. That was how Harland found her and made her his Guardian, and has since encouraged her out a little, planting dreams of a world where the humans that had treated her so badly would serve those like him, and being his Guardian, she would be respected rather than shunned. She's since taken up this as her dream, and wishes to meet her two old friends in her traveling and mischief-making (mostly Harland's doing), as she wishes to have them join her cause.
Sacred Beast: Harland, a simple raccoon who considers himself the "King of all Trouble," and for a good reason--he seems to enjoy using his ability to manipulate wind to cause any trouble he can. If her history has not made it clear yet, he has sided with Drakon, simply because it would allow him to make more trouble.
Other: Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars describes her really well, and somewhere along the way, Aileena gained the ability to talk to birds.

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