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Default Trivia/Games Codes of Conduct

Here are some basic rules for the Trivia/Games section.

These rules are to be followed, otherwise, the result of denial to abide by the rules may result with a(n) warning, infraction or ban.


1. NO double posting! There are few exceptions to this rule!
2. No posting inappropriate games.
3. Post games that have some what of a meaning, no completely pointless games!
4. No spamming, flaming, or anything of that matter.
5. Follow ALL PE2K Rules! The PE2K rules can be found here.
6. Follow the 4 word rule if a thread specifies it. You don't have to for other games, since this is the Trivia/Games section. Some threads have a certain word limit. Be sure to read the entire introduction so you may be informed of such limits.
7. Mods can see what you have deleted, so don't think you can delete something naughty and get away with it.
8. Only up to three GIFs per post.
9. Large images need to be in spoilers.

The trivia and games is a place for all to have fun! These rules are to keep things orderly, which makes things fun!

On that note, go wild, but not too wild. :)


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