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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Dino View Post
Okay, maybe think about it this way...
If you verse one of these NPCs, one of the staff or someone has to control him or her.
Thus it still requires two people to participate.

If the purpose of this is, to have a controlled difficulty, (Which is what I'm guessing...) you can do that yourself. When posting a challenge in the VS Seeker, use limitations to bring the level of difficulty down.
Example - You can only use stage 1 pokemon for this battle.
I know what you mean there, also because it's impossible to cut it down to a simple 1 person action. The staff is there always to make sure things go properly. The point of this is to provide a 2 way interaction instead of a 3+ which is what the normal battles are atm. The only downside in this is that the staff needs to be extremely active depending on it's popularity. It's basically the same thing as the battles you have right now, though it's removing 1 of the 3 parties to reduce waiting time.

2 person interaction is as low as you can go, though there are multiple ways you can portray this by setting different themes. Then all you have to do is add in different variables like rules or other people and you got yourself a whole new scenario.

You just to start at the vary basics and once you got your dedicated group you'll things to slowly grow bigger and then you'll be able to try out the ideas that require more activity