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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Riataro View Post
Well on certain days, you would open up a topic about the event. (sorta a weekly or bi-weekly event to be fair) A trainer can only use one pokemon and have 30 Park Balls to catch pokemon. This type of even would require a ranger making it much like the safari zone. Though I was thinking why not just bug pokemon catching contest.. why not have a variety of themes? Another example is a Fishing Pokemon Contest.

Here's the basic mechanic template to the event.

1. Trainer may only use one 1 of their own pokemon
2. Trainer is supplied with 30 Park Balls
3. Trainer objective is to catch the highest scoring amount of pokemon.
4. Trainer may use pokemon caught to battle, though if it faints it won't count toward the score.

As for scoring, a pokemon's score is based off it's species multiplied by it's level.

As for prizes, we can discuss that later after Mechanics are final.
This could be a fun idea but an event of this scale would pretty much last forever because of having to constantly ref it and ect. It would end up like doubling the safari zone everytime it is held. So I don't believe this would work out well, especially with our current activity state.

Originally Posted by haybalebarn View Post
Hmm, we have contests, don't we. I say revive that again, I'd love to compete!
/coughcough/ We want it back as well.