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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by eishiba View Post
It really sounds like a lot of fun but the thing is I don't think there is enough here to really do that. If you go glancing through the old battles you will see tons of names that you don't see in the current battles page. There are still new people coming in all the time. I really think this could be revived to a point where things like that could take place.
I understand. I have a lot more ideas but I'm guessing they require the same amount of activity to work. Though more events help lure people in as well.

Though this on thing that was troubling me was battling... like waiting for someone else.... I was thinking there could be a NPC form of battling where a trainer can select the difficulty of the NPC and the win result will vary. This is to cope with the lack of members wanting to battle each other, yet fulfill the need of trainers battle needs. Plus this is a more useful method for new trainers like me.

Another one would be a rental facility where trainers would rent pokemon and go through sorta like the battle factory. (if this were to boom you could set up something like the Battle Frontier)

Hmmm as for more ways to make money, I'm still thinking about it.