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Default Re: Sabi vs eishiba

[Sugi] Quagsire (F)
HP: 87%
Energy: 64%
Condition: Ready to start the real damage-dealing; +4 Special Defence

[Miss Diplodicus] Meganium (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 74%
Condition: Snoring happily

Miss Diplodicus was making zzzs, so Sugi decided to exploit it with a move that would merely be a waste most of the time: Focus Punch. Sugi tightened her focus...Only to be distracted by Miss Diplodicus' grating snoring! Sugi broke off her attack in the middle, losing energy, health, eardrums, and a whole turn for nothing. (Sugi: -24ENG, -2HP; Miss D: -4ENG)

Miss D was still asleep, and continued to snore loudly. (Sugi: -2HP; Miss D: -4ENG). But Sugi was still clutching her ears from the previous snorefest, and thus didn't move. (Sugi: flinch).

[Sugi] Quagsire (F)
HP: 83%
Energy: 40%
Condition: What, SHE'S asleep, and I didn't get to do anything?!; +4 Special Defence

[Miss Diplodicus] Meganium (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 66%
Condition: zzzzzzzzzzzznanazzzzzzzzzzzz...

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