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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Doctor Caesura and Anastasia
Human and Human/Nobody/Heartless
Little Cafe in Traverse Town

Awww hey there little Shadow puppy come here Ranna want to play Ranna nice Ranna is friend-- that was as far as Ranna got before Ana and Isa brutally unleashed a quick attack on her, briefly double teaming her and shoving her off into a little corner of their shared mind. It wasn't as if Isa really cared about helping Anastasia though, she just didn't want Ranna to take control or deal with any Heartless. Even now her disgust was washing over Ana as the human Heartless got closer.

She swallowed thickly and tried to block Isa out as well, focusing on her breathing and some of the mental exercises Caesura had been teaching her so she could learn to control mana. For some reason it helped in getting rid of her two selves, so she often used it when their constant whispering and nudging on her self control became too much to handle. Isa's presence quickly became a little tickling that brushed along the egdes of her conscious, and she straightened up in just enough time to hear the Heartless girl ask something about sugar.

Caesura's brows dipped a little in puzzlement. "Oh, you don't have sugar at your table?" he asked innocently, his voice filled with just the slightest hint of confusion. His eyes were unually dark however, slightly suspicious as he regarded the supposed Heartless in front of them. "Yes, you may borrow some of ours." He slid a bowl of sugar cubes towards her, his eyes never leaving her face.

Anastasia didn't want to look, but she did anyway. She turned in her seat and stared at the girl with her single unhidden eye, feeling her Heartless eye pulse a little as if the mere sight of the girl was enough to make it react to the darkness. She certainly didn't look like a Heartless. At least, Anastasia thought so. She seemed far too young.

Traverse Town, District 3 Alleys

Driax. Why did that name sound so blasted familiar? Saxoris scrunched up his face as he thought, casting his mind back to the time when he had been with the Organization. Of course he had only been there for three days so he hadn't learned everything about them, but he could have sworn that the name Driax was mentioned more than once. He never saw this Driax however during his short stay.

Well now, why had this little thing been so important to the Organization? He shrugged to himself mentally. Oh well, it wasn't that important anymore, now that the Organization was mainly dead. He heard Driax whining some more at the rain and had to fight down a smile of amusement. He would have offered her his entire overcoat, but that would mean that he would be totally soaked once he took it off. After a moment of thinking he quickly slipped his arms out of the sleeves and buttoned up the top half of his coat, making it so that it would still stay on him even though his arms were now free. "Here," he said, crouching down and holding out his arms. "I can keep you totally out of the rain if you want, just don't scratch me." He carefully scooped the Nobody up and was amazed at how light she was. He held her under his coat, creating an awkward bulge around his chest area as the large creature was stuffed under it.

Finally he looked up at the girl who called herself Floria. Yep, definitely a Nobody. "Actually, you're looking at one," he said, flashing her a grin. He would have pointed his thumb at himself if Driax han't been in his arms. "I quit them after a few days and have been a loner since, and I know some other Nobodies who hate them as well. And um... I think it's a pleasure to meet you too." He hoped she didn't speak French all the time., that would be a massive headache.
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