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Daniel Redrock
Deviant Graphix
San Fransisco
ARPers: Winter_Cherry (Al, Shiba, and Argeno)

Daniel listened out of one ear as the other Deviants talked. Much to his surprise, they were talking about an escapee. For a wild moment, Cyrus flickered into Daniel's mind, but he dismissed the thought. After all, they were saying that the Sona's Deviant was an escapee, and while Daniel was escaping death now, he hadn't escaped much else, recently.

"An escapee?" Daniel queried as he shaded the metal panels on an iron dragon's scales. That little flare of hope, that thought of Cyrus, wasn't gone by any stretch. Maybe, just maybe, this could lead him to some information about his and Cyrus's infuriating half-separation - and even how to break it.

Theresa Maverick
WAE Tuner
Ambiguous WAE Base
ARPers: narphoenix (Michael)

"False pleasantries and the obvious are two things I cannot stand, Miss Maverick," was Michael's reaction to Teri's introduction. His voice was quiet, subdued, and hoarse from disuse. "Unfortunately, in avoiding one, you slammed yourself face first into the other. Now, let us skip the part where you tell me the WAE is the best thing since sliced bread, blah, blah, blah. I've heard it a thousand times: it's annoying and insulting. In return, I shall avoid the speech about how a being a Deviant means so much more, blah, blah, blah. Instead, let us get to the hearts of our arguments, which shall be a lot more interesting. My core argument inst rooted in rhetoric so much as it is a demonstration."

One of Teri's eyebrows crawled up on her face a fraction of an inch. "Oh, really? Do show me -"

Her voice caught in her throat when she heard what he was doing: no longer talking, but singing. He sounded just a little rusty, just a little off-key, but as he went on his voice became stronger, bolder, louder, more resonant and confident and smooth and heartbreakingly beautiful...

For the first time in her life, Theresa Maverick was completely and totally dumbstruck. She was paralyzed by the child's voice, and while he sang the world seemed to be changing. The table was gray. Her trembling hands were a very very pale peachy color, bleached by tension as her pinkish nails tried to carve gouges in the table. And Michael's eyes were blue.

It's been so long... she thought.

"Now Teri, you've heard the 'Deviant meaning so much more' argument a zillion times, but I do believe this is the first time you understand what that more IS. " Teri's whirling mind considered that for a moment. Then she stood up slowly, walked around the table, then lifted the boy out of his chair and kicked him across the room.

"I," said Teri in a tight voice, just a fraction of an inch away from perfect calm, "do not give a damn what being a Deviant means. I don't think you understand my point. I am not here to make patronizing speeches. I am not here to listen to any of said speeches. And I am not here to hear you... do that again. I am here to get every bit of valuable knowledge you have out of you and break your spirit in the process, plain and simple. If you sing again I will break every bone in your body that you do not need in order to speak. Am I perfectly clear?"

Simon Pruitt
Deviant Enginez
Highway 5, USA
ARPers: Sabi (Amiel) and narphoenix (Doc)

"As to who I am: my name is Gregory Matthew Xanatos, but everyone I know calls me Doc. I am an Engine, like you. As to who she is, the only thing you are to know about THAT, until she decides otherwise, is that you are not to let her out of your sight for an instant." Simon flinched so hard that his knee knocked into the bottom of the dashboard. "You're an Enginez? I thought I was the only one around here, at least that the WAE hadn't captured! What do you do? Do you work directly with machines, do you fix cars or build robots, or are you more of a schematics guy?" Simon was sure to keep his eyes on the road - he wasn't sure he didn't believe Doc meant his threats - but his excited chatter didn't sound like it needed to be coming from a driver.

Hey, I can talk to you through the radio if you need it. Just hook up a phone to a port and connect to this channel if you see anything. The radio blared out the Deviant girl's voice. Simon saw her pulling ahead of them on her motorcycle and put a little bit of gas on. Doc was talking on his phone, not at all interested in Simon's questions. With a sigh, Simon sank back into his seat and resolved himself to a long drive.

Cyrus Nelvenmig, Fury, and Katherine
Magical good Sonas and evil Angel-Sona
ARPers: Umecit people (If they can see/sense Kath)

I will be honest, Im not sure how I or my Deviant broke out. All I remember is a surge, and something finally snapping, something that made me break my way out. Im not sure what it was entirely like for my Deviant, but I cant imagine it was anything pleasant. Fury's heart dropped into her paws as the dragon answered her question, sounding uncertain and unhopeful. I cant see why a human couldnt do it, but one thing I know for sure is that it takes both ends to come to. At least, thats as solid of a conclusion we made anyway.

But she did continue to listen, along with Cyrus, as the dragon continued, telling them about a WAE 'engine' of sorts. She also mentioned her Deviant, about how she shouldn't be provoked, and about how she was going to need help to take out the 'engine'. Cyrus and Fury exchanged a glance and this time it was Cyrus who came forward, speaking for both of them. "I will lend my teeth and claws and magic, as will Fury, my companion. We have been trying to organize a group to fight the WAE for some time, but this... It's an opportunity we've never even dreamed of. We'll help you break this engine - and bring color to a gray world at last."

... And from the rooftops, a fallen angel watched and listened. Boy, what a story she would have to tell her WAE...

The Engineer
Neutral Griff-Sona
Inner Enfin
ARPers: Winter (Aerys and Thirteen)

The Engineer was glad to hear that the Sonas before him were not enemies. He nodded to them, waited politely as they addressed each other, and answered their next question: why had Chemilo been following them?

"It was merely a precaution," the Engineer rumbled. "Our village is very close to Velvod, so we can't take risks when strangers come walking through our lands. I sent Chemilo to keep an eye on you, and make sure you were not plotting any evil. Now, if I may ask, what are your intentions - other than frightening chameleons?"
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