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Default Pokemon Battle Quest RPG

Pokemon Battle Quest,PBQ,Yet another pokemon RPG.It's completely free and you don't need to download it.It was released on 19th feb 2012.
It's been 2 months and the site has got many features.It's a highly booming game,try it out.

Website :

To register :

Forums :

Our facebook Page :

Some of the features the game currently has are :

~Four regions and nearly 50 maps(More in future) where you can explore and catch pokemon.
~Battle with other users who play the game,or battle in gyms.
~Buy pokemons from pokeshop by coins,which you get daily on logging.
~Trade with other users who play the game.
~Add other users as friends and be able to Message them in game.
~Get referal points and buy the pokemon you want in referal shop.
~Save your money in pokebank and get interest daily.
~Buy pokeballs and stones in pokemart.
~Buy houses and catch more pokemon.
~Get exp and money,and reach the top trainers page.

There are more epic features yet to be coded,like clans,Skillshop,PvP,Status Effects,Quests..and much more.

Some of the screenshots of the game :

Make sure you also see this video to know about all the features in the game :

^It was created by a member of our community.

I'd be happy to post the FAQ here,but it will make my post too big.So you can see the FAQ from here :

As I told earlier,this game will have many more advanced and epic features,like Clans,Status Effects,PvP,Quests and much more.So what are you waiting for?
We also have a warm and welcomming community.If you have any doubts reguarding the game or you need any in-game help,Make sure you ask us in chat or forums.

Here's the registration link again :

Don't forget to come to our IRC chat and register in our forums :)

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