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Default Re: gmandiddy -VS- Foxamivalth

[Miss Boo] Rotom-Wash (G)
Ability: Levitate
Stats: N/A
Signature Move:

Description: Miss Boo was very lonely living in the Haunted Mansion. Every time a traveler would visit, she would greet them with her amazing powers of transformation. However this spooked the travelers away. As a result, she started to entertain her self by transforming into different appliances for a short amount of time. Since she was alone in the house for such a long time, she has learned how to transform into the appliances by memory, so she can transform when the base of the appliance is not around. Now she can use it to her advantage

When ordered to use this move, Miss Boo will start to glow, then her appearance will start to change. Since she has been using this ability for quiet some time, she has lost control over what appliance she may change into. Whilst she is glowing, Miss Boo will change appearance into a random appliance.

Type: Ghost
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 15
Effects: Miss Boo changes appearance into another Rotom Appliance, (Heat, Fan, Fridge, Lawn, Normal) Appearance is randomly rolled by a RNG. Lasts for 2 rounds.
Usage Gap: Once used, must wait 1 round to recharge.

Use Thunder Wave, unless you are taunted or it is behind a sub, then use Rain Dance. If Thunder Wave worked, use Electro Ball. If Rain Dance worked and there is Rain on the field, use Hydro Pump. If there is no rain, use Thunderbolt

Thunder Wave / Rain Dance ~ Electro Ball / Hydro Pump / Thunderbolt