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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by The Sensei View Post
@CM my character is for restoring the balance. Yet Najah is not he does not mind which way it goes as long as he survives. Who is Najah you might asked? This guy right here.

Name: Anatenajah a.k.a Najah Rebersome b.k.a The Shadow

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Specializations: Sprit Warrior, Reaver, Champion, Guardian

Appearance: This is him and his Beast . He stands at a towering 6 foot 5, and his face is horribly disfigured. So he has a mask to cover it up.

Personality: Najah is often headstrong and will never back down from a challenge. He often prefers to work alone thinking other people would get in his way. Even though he will never back down from a challenge he still prefers to be quiet and to himself. Whenever he goes against an enemy no matter how small or big he shows them respect and his full power. Najah always want to be at the top and is really to destroy any one that stands in his way. Whether he has to use a sword or other people he will always get the job done.

History: Najah was born in a small village to two happy parents. Unfortunately his face was disfigured. His family had to run a way for fear of being killed since the villagers would have thought he was a demon. Najah’s family then started living as nomads. All the while Najah was training with his father in the ways of the sword and fighting. He soon made a mask for himself that he still wears to cover his face. One day Najah’s parents went into a city to buy some food, yet they never returned. Najah then went on the road and was stopped by bandits. He killed all of them at the age of 12, yet it caused a lot of cuts and bruises that he refuses to show anyone. He then grabbed his own materials and formed a cloak and gloves.

Najah then continued on his journey when he was stopped by a Sacred Beast who was following him ever since he was born and the beast felt as if Najah would make a good guardian. Najah accepted and the beast, Futer, taught him how to use some magic to use with his long sword with. Najah then decided to take revenge on the people that chased his family from his old village, the one where he was born. He went to the village and started a massacre during the night using the help of Futer. While he was killing all of them he found his two parents in a room asleep. Najah put two and two together and came to the conclusion that they left him to fend for himself and came back to the village to live a new life. He then woke them up and showed his face to them and they were frozen with fear. Najah then killed them in the most gruesome way possible.

Najah had let one of the villagers escape purposefully as he wanted his fame to be known. He soon went to the underground and only took expensive jobs from people that he could trust. Because of this he has earned fame around the countryside as The Shadow killing anything that is possible.

Sacred Beast: Name: Futer, Kind of Creature: Made out of an advanced rock and almost look robotic. Appearance: In the picture, he looks like a robot yet he is not. He does not have a face but can still see. Abilities: He has great control over electricity, super strength, somewhat of a control over Earth. Mark (name, what kind of creature he/she is, appearance of the Beast, and abilities)

Other: (In the picture it looks as if gears are inside of Najah those are not it is just part of the picture) He have a huge black cloak with a hood that covers his face but he also wears a mask. He has a 4 foot long sword that is very wide and sharp.

Also I take no credit for the people that created these amazing drawings. I will never be able to draw this good lol. Also perhaps you can blend the maps with Dragon Age 2 and Skyrim but is up to you.

Also the question (kind of reminds me of Dragon Age 2 (Best Game) anyway Najah would be for magic since he uses it, while Samuel will be for magic as long as it is used in a good way but if it is for bad he would want to stop it. Najah does not mind if it is good or bad.
I actually got most of my ideas from Dragon Age, particularly DAII with the whole mage thing. It just seemed to fit what I was doing and for a conflict going on in the physical realm without the interference of the Sacred Beasts.

Regarding your SU, I'll say it's accepted. I just need to ask that to both (I failed to realize this sooner) that you say where your character's marks are located on their body.

Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Would you be willing to reserve a Spirit Healer? I'm getting some VERY interesting ideas.
Not a problem. Reserved.

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Could you reserve me a spot? This looks like a lot of fun!
And you are also reserved.
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