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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Winter_Cherry View Post
Well, Rayna and Anya are finished... Now to get to the other two... XD
Just looked them over, and I only have one thing to say: Accepted.

Originally Posted by The Sensei View Post
Name: Samuel Newton

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Specializations: Shadow, Assassin, Duelist, Guardian Mark

Appearance: He stands at six feet tall and have a red headband around his head. He then have a mark on his left eye from a previous fight. He have a fur coat over his clothes that have a hood over it and everything he have is lightweight. He then have some boots on for shoes.

Personality: Samuel is very cool-headed barely anything upsets him. He will also never give up also trying to find some way to find a solution. Because of this he wants to be better than everyone else and will go through great extends to do so. He has spent much of his time training his mind and body to perfection and he nearly there. He have an IQ higher than any other average human and learns to takes his time with things as he is never in a rush. He is very patience and has learned to control his past temper. Samuel tends to be by himself and a way from other people unless it is required. Throughout a given day you might hear him say only a sentence towards you as he usually tends to talk to Excalibur through Telekinesis. He has great fighting skills and knows over 20 fighting styles.

History: Samuel Newton was an orphan growing up; he went from foster home to foster home. Then at the age of eight he could not take it anymore. He grabbed anything he could find at his home, knifes, gun, food, money and ran away from home. He soon started going on the streets robbing people yet he used skill even at his young age. Soon at the age of 10, he found his bird partner, a Hawk named, Rai. Samuel soon continues his stealing all the while practicing with daggers. At the age of 12, he met a man named Don Newton who took him in as his apprentice when Samuel tried to pickpocket him. Don taught him everything he knew and soon Samuel was going on regular missions in Don’s Rogue school. At the age of 16, Samuel was given a mission to infiltrate an enemy’s base with the help of other apprentices of Don. Samuel failed and all of his comrades that went with him were killed. He hurried back to Don’s school where he found everyone was dead and Don was slowly dying. He rushed to his master’s side.

There Don revealed the origin of Sacred Beast and he had one of his own and summoned the beast and told him that Samuel would be his new guardian. That Beast was Excalibur. Don revealed the position where he kept his two favorite daggers, Sun and Moon. Samuel went there and grabbed the two and also Don’s Rogue Suit which he still wears today. Samuel vowed to take revenge on the people that killed his master. Samuel tracked the men down and killed them easily using Excalibur for help. Samuel then went and made his home at Don’s. He found Don’s secret library and read a lot of books increasing his thirst for knowledge he time he started another one. Samuel soon found the secret of Shadows and blended in with the darkness but always remembering not to be a part of the darkness. Samuel has taken odd jobs which have taken him all around the world and he has learned over 10 different languages. Excalibur have quickly became his best friend and he talks to him often every day.

Sacred Beast: Name: Excalibur, Male
Creature: Excalibur
Abilities: Excalibur has two long swords that can grow and shrink to his will. He stands at 9 feet tall and is very wise. He is very quick on his feet and can control things with his mind. Over his body are sharp spikes that and grow to his will that he use in charging against enemies. He is almost like Samuel where he will get the job done with no questions asked. He is also very loyal to Samuel and to everyone that Samuel is loyal too. He will do almost anything to save his master from harm. Excalibur stands for power, wisdom, knowledge, and quickness. He can also help his master with a spell that allows him to erase people's memories if Samuel has been caught or something.
Outline of Powers:
• Can enlarge or shrink swords
• Can grow spikes from his body
• Can Erase People's Memories
• Have IQ of over 10,000
• Extraordinary Strength
• Can Communicate Telekinesis
• Super-Fast
• Power of Using Illusions

Other: Samuel is very fast and very smart. He carries two 6 inch daggers and a semi-automatic pistol.
I just say I am very interested in this character. I only worry that with as many powers Excalibur has that there might be a chance of godmodding. And I have yet to decide if gunpowder has been invented yet, seeing that this is a more medieval setting. I'm leaning toward that perhaps some firearms have been invented, but that's still in development. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong. I'll let you know once I make up my mind about the firearms. Accpeted.


In other news, I need y'all's help. I am terrible at naming towns and cities. My idea is to use names from Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, and Skyrim, but I wold like y'all's opinion on that or if you have any suggestions you'd like to make.
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