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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Port Freeman
Pokemon Battle

Laugh a bit as he would see the trainer though he was not looking for a battle. He just shrug his arms a bit and nod his head "Well buddy I can't turn down my first trainer battle now can I?" I said with a determine look on his face. He was new to battling so he was still unsure how to battle, he look to gastly a nod. "alright Ziggy your first battle just stay focus and you'll do fine win or lose.." I said as let Ziggy take his spot in front of me. The exciting rush of his first battle getting him all excited from inside, this is what he wanted. He then grin as he used his Telepathy to send a message to his challanger "This gives new meaning to the saying "getting in to your opponent's head" eh?" Just then Ziggy would laugh at the joke as he too could hear jacok's thoughts. They stood there as he smile ready to see how this would start.
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