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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Koro (Dialga-Human form)
Jublilife City
Affected RPers: Quaza529, Elecii, 5TailedDemonLizard

“I may sound really odd saying this,” the girl started, causing Dia’s crimson eyes to focus on her. Now, giving her a good look, she looked even more familiar. “But I seem to recognise you two. I’m honestly not sure where from, or who exactly you are, but I do.”

This was a shocker. Not that the feeling this blonde spoke of, but that she felt it as well. Dia couldn’t deny there was something bigger at play here, but of what nature, that she couldn’t pinpoint. It could easily be a bad thing, Galactic could be everywhere looking for her, and however, that wasn’t the only possibility. No, the other legends were also out there, and so far, Dia hadn’t located a single one.

Considering the populace of even this sole region, it made sense.

Logic dictated that it was (basically) impossible to track even one.

But, then again, logic would warn against the incident’s realisation, wouldn’t it?

“It may not be as peculiar as you believe, for I feel likewise. I do not recall from where, however.” Dia replied, her gaze switching from the girl to the young man. Green and gold… that combination rang so many bells, none of which were the clincher. However, she wasn’t given much time to ponder her observation, for a new character came into play.

"Do I know you all,you all seem really familiar." He spoke after giving them all a glancing over.

Normally such a crowd would force a retreat from Dia, but this time, she stayed put, eyeing the newcomer carefully. He too brought her a familiar feeling…

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