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Default Re: Velocity | Mountain | Zoroark

You decide that your battle with the Pupitar isn't worth the effort, especially if Rikki is refusing to acknowledge your commands. Dragging your slumbering pokemon after you, you move back down the path, trying to find a different track to follow. Pupitar decides to stand down and let you get off with a warning.

However, it isn't long before you are stopped by another opponent. An orange dragon sees your slow progress seems to think that you would be an easy target and moves into your path to intercept you. He spreads his wings and glides down from the ledge where he had been standing, landing a few feet ahead of you.

A Wild CHARIZARD appeared!
[ M | Blaze ]

What will you do?

> Attack, Use Item, Throw Ball (1 Safari Point each)
> Flee (2 Safari Points)
> Exit Safari Zone (30 Safari Points)

You have 11 Safari Points remaining.

Species rolled 136 out of the 144 possibilities for this area of the Safari Zone.
Gender rolled 6379, where anything less than or equal to 1250 results in CHARIZARD being female.
Ability rolled 2, where rolling 1 gives CHARIZARD the ability Blaze as opposed to Blaze for rolling 2.
Shininess rolled 2074, where anything less than 8192 results in the Pokemon not being Shiny.