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Default Pokemon: The Two Truths and the Rumor

Hey, guys! I'm MGS if you don't know me. Now, this game's title explains it all, yet again! So, what you do, is you post 2, count 'em, 2! truths about a Pokemon in your, well, post. You ALSO have to post ONE LIE ABOUT THE POKEMON. Here's an example:

MGS: Two truths about Mew is that it is #151 in the Nat. Dex and that it could be obtained in R/B/Y using a glitch. A lie was that if you collected all the other 150 and got the diploma in Green, you would get Mew with it. Next up, is Jolteon!

SJ: Two truths are that it's an electric type and that it evolves from Eevee. Also, it's awesome 8) Next is Wailord!

Etc., etc...
The truths and lies can be about anything of the Pokemon. Even if it's painfully obvious! So, now are Da Rules:

1) Don't godmod. It's my job to make sure everything is running smoothly. I WILL, however, APPOINT SOME PEOPLE TO HELP. I won't be on EVERY DAY. Like, for instance, Thursday, next week, I'm going to California, and I don't think I'll be bringing my laptop.

2) Don't ask if you can help. I'll reject you even more and it will really hurt your chances of helping out on this game. If you do get asked to help out, you also have the right to reject.

3) No flamming, trolling, or anything that can hurt other players.

4) Breaking any of the said rules above will get you kicked. (Except for rule 2.) Being kicked is a BAD THING. YOU CAN NO LONGER PLAY ANYMORE (Mods, feel free to comment about this rule, and I will edit the rules.)

5) I have the right to do an *cough cough* objection... *Clears throat* Let me do that again... to anyone who is banned from this game. THEIR OPINION WON'T MATTER ANYMORE.

Now that that's over with.... Meet my helpers!

Shiny Jolteon

Have fun!

Snivy, discuss!

(The counterpart, which is a rhyming game, can be found here: SJ's Game)

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