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Default Re: Revolution Uprising

Members and Shop

Kaoru; "イズミ (Izumi)"; FC: 3568-3243-2453; PO Name: N/A; IGN: Kaoru
Rank: Leader
Rank Points: Infinite
Signature Pokemon: Hydreigon
Color: Pink
trainer sprite credit to J3010 on deviantART

Typhlosion Explosion; "アイコ (Aiko)"; FC: 0862-6956-0740; PO Name: N/A; IGN: Corey
Rank: Co-Leader
Rank Points: Infinite
Signature Pokemon: Typhlosion
Color: Orange

Pickleboy; "凯文/ケヴィン/ウィーアーブー (Kevin)"; FC: 4169 8509 6039; PO Name: Mr. Test/P1ckl3B0y; IGN: Kevin
Rank: Elite Trainer
Rank Points: 50
Signature Pokemon: Blastoise
Color: Red

haybalebarn; "セイジ (Seiji)"; FC: 4127-0028-0278; PO Name: haybalebarn; IGN: Sevv
Rank: Pokemon Trainer
Rank Points: 0
Signature Pokemon: Zoroark
Color: Green

Metal Gear Snivy; "チョロネコ (Choroneko)"; FC: 1377-9495-5398; PO Name: MGS; IGN: Velo
Rank: Pokemon Trainer
Rank Points: 20
Signature Pokemon: Serperior
Color: Blue

SkyOwl; " (Tota K.K)"; FC: N/A; PO Name: Kaden the Skynerd; IGN: Kaden
Rank: Pokemon Trainer
Rank Points: 0
Signature Pokemon: Noctowl
Color: Purple

Member Ranks
Leader: Only applies to me
Co-Leader: Only applies to Typhlosion Explosion
Pokemon Trainer: 0 pts (automatic)
Elite Trainer: 50 pts
Gym Leader: 100 pts
Elite Four Member: 250 pts
Ace Trainer: 500 pts

How to Earn Points
Becoming a member: 0 pts
Donating a Banner or Userbar: 10-20 pts (depends on size of banner and/or userbar) [NOTE: ONLY 3 BANNERS/USERBARS PER PERSON]
Defeating a clan in a tournament: 10 pts
Battling a member in a different clan: 5 pts

Clan Shop
Join the PE2K Wi-Fi League!

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