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Default Re: [SU]The Dinnu Region[SU]

Name: Cherisse Laycey
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Cherisse is very self centered and aroggant. She thinks very highly of herself and thinks she is the best, she loves to pamper herself and her pokemon. She loves beauty and nothing else, which is why she decided to go for the Contests instead of the Battles. Her favourite colour is blue, so im sure you can guess who her favourite pokemon is. Even though she is high on beauty, she isnt vain and likes inner beauty as much as outer beauty and wont shun someone because of their looks. She has a short temper, especially if someone is doubting her talent and skill.
History: She was born in Johto and started an adventure there. She got as far as Goldenrod before she realised that battles werent her thing. She didnt like them much and prefered to show her pokemons inner beauty then watch them getting beaten up. So she decided to go for contests. However she didnt want to continue her Johto journey and so decided to move to Dinnu. She is currently in Trinity Town, she is about to start her journey to Dynamo Town and is hoping to find three more friends along the way.
Pokemon Team: Umbreon (Blacky) - Flaaffy (Static) - Totodile (Little Blue)
Trainer Status: Veteran Trainer
Trainer Type: Coordinator
Other: Wailmer is her favourite pokemon, other then her Totodile.

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