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Dr. Gregory Matthew Xanatos (Deviant Enginez)
Highway 5
Arpers: Sabi (Amiel) Velo (Simon)

"As to who I am: my name is Gregory Matthew Xanatos, but everyone I know calls me Doc. I am an Engine, like you. As to who she is, the only thing you are to know about THAT, until she decides otherwise, is that you are not to let her out of your sight for an instant. " I answer the boy.

The gargoyle girl did something to the radio so that the motorcycle and the car could "talk". I hooked up the car so that she could just hear our conversation and butt in if necessary.

I went on to contemplate the idea of being set up. Who could stand to gain from this? More importantly, how could they have manipulated Dr. Kostovski into letting a barely trained doctor present another's research. They would have had to have an iron-clad control of the doctor. The only person I know capable of doing that was... Bingo.

I dial a number on my phone, but get voicemail. I speak,"Very clever. I only just figured it out. Very clever indeed. I only got away by being VERY prepared. But now the game, is afoot. "

The only person capable of manipulating Dr. Kostovski so precisely was Dr. Elizabeth Alexandra Kostovski herself.

Michael Mikulak
WAE HQ Room 44
ARPers: Velo (Teri)

"False pleasantries and the obvious are 2 things I cannot stand, Miss Maverick. Unfortunately, in avoiding one, you slammed yourself face first into the other. Now, let us skip the part where you tell me the WAE is the best thing since sliced bread, blah, blah, blah. I've heard it 1000 times: it's annoying and insulting. In return, I shall avoid the speech about how a being a Deviant means so much more, blah, blah, blah. Instead, let us get to the hearts of our arguements, which shall be a lot more interesting. My core arguement inst rooted in rhetoric so much as it is a demonstration.

After hearing about Teri so many times, I had decided on the only way to defeat her. It was a bit ballsy, but it was the only to do it.

I began to sing.

In English and Spanish, my songs were exclusively from my mother's mouth. I memorized them because they were my strongest memory of her. She had a clear, strong voice, and, now I realize, so do I.

When, after 5 minutes, my songs were over (I had to abbreviate), I looked at Teri. "Now Teri, you've heard the 'Deviant meaning so much more arguement a zillion times, but I do believe this is the first time you understand what that more IS. "

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