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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Samantha Silverheart
Route 216 -- by the entrance of Mt. Coronet

Upon reaching an opening at the foot of Mt. Coronet, Sammy sat on the thick layer of snow on the ground to rest for a short while; she and her Pokemon walked -- Gale, of course, flew -- non-stop from Acuity Lakefront. After catching her breath, the Trainer looked up to get a view of the mountain. It wasn’t like how she remembered it; the mist surrounding it became thicker, but she was able to spot something that was never there before: at the top of the landform, what appears to be a red circle thing was resting. It gave her an ominous feeling; and apparently, it did the same to her Pokemon. The usually calm Solie was growling furiously; Paws who was almost always cheerful got into a terribly solemn mood with her tail straight and lying low; Gale showed no emotion, yet Sammy can feel the anger that the Braviary was keeping in. She sighed, stood up, and then prepared herself. “Guys, I don’t know what will happen inside. Maybe nothing bad yet; however, let’s all be ready just in case. But before we go in, I want everybody to compose yourselves."

“Espee,” Solie uttered briefly then she nodded. A couple of seconds later, the gray Espeon returned to her usual tranquil state.

Paws leapt onto Sammy’s right shoulder and rubbed her head against the human’s cheek, easing the feline’s troubled feelings, which caused her tail to take the form of a three-looped spring again. “Nyar, Nyar~”

Samantha turned to Gale, who remained emotionless; the rage was still there, however. “Gale,” she began speaking soothingly, “it’ll be okay; trust me.” She then rubbed the top of her Braviary’s head, hoping it’ll make him feel better.

“Braviary…”For a moment there, Sammy could swear she saw so much sadness in his eyes; however, it was immediately changed to a look of sheer determination.

The Trainer smiled. “Well, I guess everybody’s ready. Off we go, then.” She led the way into the cave-hole.
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