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Default Re: Survival Project

Originally Posted by diamondpearl876 View Post
I will go back and fix those, thanks for pointing them out!

I appreciate your honesty. The part where Sai attacks Senori is supposed to be confusingÖ though I think it wasnít as well written as it could have been. I plan on going back sometime to fix it, though Iím glad you continued reading due to the mysterious tone behind it all.
No worries! ^^

That's good. Yeah, definitely. I think that was done really well. No, haha, that wasn't it at all. I think I was expecting something entirely different, but it's really awesome that it was so different to how I expected. And don't worry, I planned to read it regardless. ^^ Plus I definitely know not to judge a story by its first scene or so. xD

Originally Posted by diamondpearl876 View Post
Iím glad you enjoyed it, and dare I say, Iím glad that you were frustrated by it. If you werenít frustrated, it means I did something wrong. Senori is indeed very flawed at the moment and is entirely stuck in his thoughts. He didnít really do anything because he preferred the punishment over trying to defend himself. Thatíll be explained eventually, of course.

Iím also glad you felt the confused tone I was trying to convey. It makes me glad that I chose first person point of view. Though the downside to first person is that, well, youíre confused when you REALLY wanna know whatís going on, but the upside, I think, is that you can actually feel how the character does. :P
Me too. ^^ Really? Ahaha, yeah, well that's what I figured. And it's so intriguing for me because I don't know if I'd have thought to create a scene like this with a character like this, and it's really awesome to see how characters operate that I wouldn't necessarily think to write about. I love learning things like that! Yeah, sure thing. ^^ YES, that's exactly how I felt--he preferred the punishment. He must have done something really wrong in the past, or something seen as really wrong by the ones he wanted to do right by. D:

Yeah! Yes, haha, I totally know what you mean. I don't normally write in first person, but when I do I find it's definitely an effective way to get inside a character's head.

Originally Posted by diamondpearl876 View Post
Haha. These comments are familiar. (Iíve posted chapters 1-5 on other forums and youíre definitely not the only one who has mixed feelings about him.) Iíll always be vague in my responses regarding him since heís so mysterious and I intend to keep it that way, but I look forward to seeing how/if your opinion of him changes over time.

What stood out to me the most in this part was that youíve already determined that the reasoning behind Saiís actions will never excuse the actions themselves. Again, I look forward to seeing your opinions of future chapters.
Really? (Oh, that makes sense. xD) Fair enough! I don't necessarily want answers, or not right now anyway, but he seems really mysterious and I'd love to finally find out! XD Although I get the feeling that won't happen for a while. c:

Really? xD I you think my opinion might change? That I'll find I might have made the wrong assumption? O: Well then! I want to know how my opinion will change or stay the same too! XD

Originally Posted by diamondpearl876 View Post
I like ranting, no problem. Though I donít think I specified Saiís age or anything, I believe I just said that he looked young. Sai is older than ten and started late for reasons thatíll be explained later. But people frown upon changing canon in fanfiction, soÖ I had to find a way around it. Quite frankly, I completely agree that trainers starting at ten is ridiculous and Iím surprised the inevitable amount of high deaths due to lack of knowledge/insight is never taken into consideration. Then thereís also the idea that finding a middle-aged trainer or a trainer in their 20ís is, likeÖ unacceptable. Really, now? I would think thatís the perfect age to go out traveling/training.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, it was much appreciated. Iíll be updating pretty quickly since other chapters are posted on other forums, not really sure how I forgot PE2K when I started.
Haha, I forgot about my ten year old trainer rant. XD No, I know you didn't specify Sai's age, but Senori mentions that ten year olds can start their journeys, so I wasn't referring to Sai. ^^; Really? XD I have never implemented rules I don't like which are canon, such as a simple fact of adding blood, or injury. I also do things like change it so that not all of one species is one gender, like rufflet, for instance. Because I think it's stupid. >.> I mean, mostly I leave that alone (such as jynx, miltank, tauros, etc), but I also think it's a big unjust that gallade can only be males, and yet you can have a male or female gardevoir. That's not right for me. Dx Yes, I think so too. My reasoning behind the official pokemon age being ten is simply because it was initially aimed at kids, and ten would have been a near-perfect age. It's not that it was in any sense ethical, so because of that, and taking realism into consideration, I've never stuck by the ten year old thing. However, I do think that sixteen would be a good age, especially in a world where kids of that age would be specifically taught about pokemon journeys, considering they're so common. Fifteen may be stretching it a little, but I generally set my rule at sixteen. Haha, well I think that finding a middle aged pokemon trainer is perfectly fine, considering you have all (well, most) your gym leaders who are adults. As well as the fact that, hey, when you reach a certain age, you're not just gonna drop something because of expectations. Kinda like for me, that's pokemon. I will never stop liking it, and I don't plan on altering my view simply because my body grows older. And plus, in a world of pokemon, I doubt it would be unacceptable. I mean, who's to say that handling deadly monsters with incredible power is a kid's game? xD But yeah, I mean, I meant to say that I would probably have gone on my journey by now, but personally I would still find it scary at my age, let alone something like ten. And I also take schooling into consideration--it's kind of against the law to leave school younger than sixteen. XD Here, anyway.

No worries at all. ^^ I enjoyed it! And awesome. I'll totally read it. c:

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