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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Chapter 3)

Oh's been so long since I've written this. Sorry, I got sidetracked by another story I've been writing TxT


“Good…it’s still here.” The Pokémon that’s been identified as a Lucario was searching through the brush deep within the forest; he’d pulled out a small satchel and looked through its contents. “Ah…that’s good…” He sighed with relief upon pulling out a strange bracelet; it held a pink, blue and gold crystalline appearance.

‘Son, this is what your father used to venture into Arceus’ realm and confront it. When you deem the time is right…you know where to go, but son…be careful and don’t do this alone, like your father did.’

“Yes…” He mumbled. “But I doubt the Chosen will be of help to my cause…” He fitted the bracelet onto a makeshift string and wore it as a necklace and began to scan the forest area. “Now…where is that shrine…”


“Oh, your home is pretty…simple for your father being an Elder.” Aqua mumbled staring at the hut that was home to Sparky and his family. The pair was standing before a normal-sized hut, adorned with metals on the sides of the home and roof. The only defining symbol that it was the home of the village’s Elder was a lightning-bolt shaped metal emblem somehow bolted above the entrance.

Sparky looked to the Buizel with a questioning stare. “You’re surrounded by an electrical barrier and huts covered in metal and you’re unimpressed by my father’s home…?” The Pikachu asked crossing his arms.

“I’m sorry; it just doesn’t feel like the home of an Elder…” Aqua mumbled.

“What’s so special about the home of your Elder?” Sparky questioned, Aqua appearing to think for a short while before answering.

“Our Elder has an underwater home…it’s a cave with a series of pillars that have statues on them, I believe…” Aqua began explaining. “And there are small statues in the shape of the Elders before him…each one sitting upon those pillars.” The Pikachu continued to give her a skeptical look. “What is it?” Aqua asked looking at the electric Pokémon uncomfortably.

“That doesn’t sound so fancy.” Sparky scoffed. “It’s unimpressive, in my mind at least…” His statement seemed to annoy Aqua, but she shrugged it off.

“Well, let’s just agree to disagree on this subject; may I at least meet your dad now?” Aqua questioned, her tone holding obvious annoyance despite her demeanor.

“Of course…” Sparky chuckled as he walked inside, Aqua following. The inside of the hut wasn’t as simple as it appeared from the outside; assortments of strange boxes, each adorned with what appeared to be levers were placed simply on a well-carved wooden table, a few metal rods hung from the ceiling, a single ball attached to their tips, letting out a bright light. The rest of the hut appeared reminiscent of Aqua’s home, though there was what appeared to be the skin of a snake handing on the wall in an opposite room.

“So, you have more than one room in these huts…?” Aqua mumbled looking around curiously, spotting another strange box on the ground; she picked it up, placing her pack next to her, and examined it.

“Of course,” Sparky yelled proudly. “Most of the families in this village can get pretty large…so we build our homes large enough to compensate that size.” He explained.

“Huh…that’s interesting…my family all lived together in one room, our hut was pretty small but there was enough space for all three of us to sleep.” Aqua explained toying with a hole on the box, Sparky taking notice and scanning the ground in search of the missing lever. “What is this thing…?” Aqua mumbled looking all over the box, curious.

“I’m not sure…” Sparky mumbled. “Each of those boxes does different things, like two of the boxes on that table there play music…” He explained pointing to the other boxes on the table, Aqua glancing back at them quickly.

“Music…?” The Buizel mumbled. “What do you mean by…music?” She asked staring at him.

Sparky started digging through piles of hay, where they obtained such a thing in the forest crossing Aqua’s mind; he continued searching for the lever to the box. “Well, it makes a nice sound…like when your mother hums you to sleep and stuff…found it!” Sparky’s head popped out of the hay, the lever held tightly in his paw. “Let me see…another example would be like the howls of Mightyena and the leaf-songs of some grass Pokémon…” Sparky explained.

“Well…I understand the howling…though it’s not very…nice…” Aqua mumbled, Sparky walking over to her and taking the box, sticking the lever into the box’s hole. “I’ve never heard the songs of grass Pokémon either…” Aqua mumbled.

“Well, maybe I’ll play one of the boxes for you later…” Sparky mumbled starting to turn the lever, a faint clicking noise getting Aqua’s attention. “These boxes my sister brought to us…oh, my sister’s name is Mia, if you wanted to know…” Sparky smiled continuing to turn the lever.

“So…this is a creation of the City Pokémon…?” Aqua mumbled eying the box with great curiosity, her gaze falling dead on it. “It…looks so simple…just wood and…and metal…” She mumbled getting closer to it. Sparky continued to wind up the box, the clicking slowing down, Aqua’s attention locked on the object until it suddenly burst open scaring the Buizel and making her fall on her bottom.

A multitude of lights simply came from the box, illuminating the ceiling of the hut; each illumination a different color, mixing together and forming alternate lights above. The Buizel was left stunned, staring at the lights above, unsure of what to make of them. “W-what…how is something like that…?” Sparky’s laughter finally caught her attention, ripping her gaze away from the lights above. “W-what’s so funny!?” She yelled.

“Your reaction,” The Pikachu laughed, sitting the box on the ground, letting the lights continue to shine. “It’s obvious you don’t know anything about the City Pokémon or the things they make!” He yelled.

“Of course not…!” Aqua countered. “My village is isolated from everything…I wouldn’t know what they make…and that they make something so…” Aqua looked up to the lights again, each of them forming different colors; red, green, blue, yellow…were just some of their basic colors, then the lights appeared to merge and form new colors entirely. “Amazing…” She mumbled.

“Yeah, it is…” Sparky sat in-front of the box, looking to the lights as well. “It’s just too bad that they haven’t figured out how to mix the music and lights together…”

“That’s why you’re supposed to open them together…” The pair’s attention was brought to the table of boxes, a Raichu standing there toying with one of the boxes. “It plays this soft, peaceful sound, like the grass Pokémon songs of the forest…or the songs of the birds...” The Raichu said with wonder as the box opened, a faint whistle-like sound played from it. The sound released a strong, soothing atmosphere around the room, almost merging with the constant changing of the lights. Aqua looking to the ights and listening to the sound coming from the box, it was strangely soothing though it still felt odd to her. “This particular song was sung by the grass Pokémon, though I’m not sure how they’re able to get their sound into these boxes so perfectly…” The Raichu stopped the sound by simply closing the box and placing it on the table with the others. “Anyway, my name is Tenkin, the elder of the Village of Din.” He looked to Aqua, who’d up until now, been distracted by the sound from the box.

“Oh…you’re the Elder,” The Buizel said standing up and bowing to him, returning to her proper demeanor. “I am Aqua of Cascade, a Chosen as well.” She explained simply.

Tenkin appeared impressed. “Oh, so if you’re the Chosen, then where is your guardian?” He asked curiously. “It doesn’t matter what your title is, you do indeed need someone to protect you.” He explained, but Aqua didn’t have an answer.

“She came here alone,” Sparky answered for her. “I think she had some trouble with her Elder and all.” He shrugged.

“Oh and why is that?” Tenkin questioned her.

Sparky was about to explain. “Well…”

“Because, I am neutral...” Aqua answered.

“Neutral you say?” The Raichu flicked his tail in what appeared to be interest. “Why have you chosen that?” He questioned.

“Because I want to know more about the City Pokémon before I make my decision.” Aqua answered firmly. “I also want to learn and understand the views of the ‘legendary’ Pokémon and why they want to be called ‘gods’.” Tenkin chuckled at Aqua’s statement. “Something…wrong…?” She asked.

“Nothing, nothing; I haven’t heard of a ‘neutral’ standing from a Pokémon of Cascade before.” Tenkin stated. “It just doesn’t fit based on the information I’ve heard…” Aqua didn’t appear as amused as the Elder. “I…I’m sorry, if I’ve offended you, Aqua.” He mumbled nervously.

“It’s alright,” Aqua sighed. “Cascade is very closed to the views of other villages…I’m not even sure how that started.” The Buizel shrugged.

“It probably had something to do with the events that led to our existence.” Sparky finally spoke. “I mean, Cascade’s also one of the more beautiful villages out there, right?” He asked.

“I’d assume so.” Aqua replied. “I’ve never seen much outside of this forest.” She explained.

“Hmm…yes, anyway, mind if I ask why you’ve come here, Aqua?” Tenkin questioned, attempting to keep the subject on track.

“Oh, well, I was simply passing through. I was heading for the Forest Guardian’s meadow.” Aqua explained. “And Din was a good place to stop and rest before traveling there.” Tenkin stared at the Buizel for a while, Aqua returning the gaze awkwardly.

“Why are you traveling alone?” He asked. “I understand it has something to do with your goals, but why are you all alone, Aqua?” The Buizel sighed.

“No one even suggested a guardian for me, during my travels.” Aqua sighed. “The Elder was all caught up in trying to convince me that my ‘neutral’ view was wrong…same for my mother and…some villagers.” A detested glare appeared in her eyes.

“Wow…even your mom…” Sparky mumbled.

“Oh, well…you should travel with Sparky and his guardian, Marko.” Tinken nodded at his own decision.

“Wait, what?!” Sparky interrupted Aqua’s response. “She’s going out of the way…you know my ‘goal’ is to see the cities of the City Pokémon and try to understand their world compared to ours before making my choice…” The Pikachu protested.

“Well, sorry…” Aqua scoffed looking at Sparky with distaste.

“Calm down, boy…” Tenkin sighed. “It’s just safer for Aqua to travel with a guardian.” He explained.

“Can’t you ask someone else to do it?” Sparky whined. “I really want to see the city…!”

“I…am going to the city as well, Sparky…” Aqua cut in, crossing her arms. “Even if I am going ‘out of the way’ I was still going to head there.” She explained.

“Oh, so you know your way there, Aqua?” Tenkin questioned.

“Well…no, but…” The Buizel stammered.

“Then it’s settled!” Tenkin yelled walking towards the two. “Sparky, Aqua…you two will travel together!” He yelled placing a paw on their shoulders. “It’s safer!” He stated looking to the skin of a snake Pokémon. “Much safer might I add…” The box of lights had faded away after the Raichu spoke.

“So…” Aqua mumbled following the Raichu’s gaze. “Your village deals with snakes?” She asked.

“They’re common predators in this part of the forest.” Sparky explained. “Sometimes aggressive and always hungry…” The Pikachu shuddered.

“Yes, they are…” Tenkin walked past them and to the room of the snake’s skin, Aqua and Sparky following. “Marko and a few other villagers teach the children about how to avoid them and when they’re older, how to fight and kill them.” The room they were in turned out to be Tenkin’s, a large pile of hay directly under the skin of an Arbok with more spread out just a few steps from there. “They’re the main reason we have the electrical barrier too…” He explained.

“So, is there some sort of leader of these Pokémon…?” Aqua asked.

“Well, there shouldn’t be,” Tenkin ran a paw across the skin. “This was the leader.”


“Scarlett, I told you that I don’t want you involved in those hunts!” Voices began echoing through the hut, cutting Aqua’s statement short.

“That’s what I want to do!” Another, younger voice called. “You let Sparky travel away from the village!”

“That’s because he’s a Chosen, it was bound to happen…!” Both voices were female, and obviously upset.

“Well, why was Mia allowed to travel?” The younger voice questioned.

“That was because she is of age and isn’t trying to risk her life killing our natural enemies!” Sparky and Tenkin sighed at the yelling.

“That would be Scarlett and my mate, Lia…” Tenkin sighed. “They’re…not on very good terms.” He explained.

“Scarlett wants to join the group who hunts down and kills the predators of the forest that make an effort to attack us.” Sparky explained.

“So what’s the problem?” Aqua looked confused. “Does your village have something against females doing such work?”

“Oh, no-no, nothing of the sort,” Tenkin yelled almost in a panic, the two still arguing in the background. “Lia’s a strong supporter of the City Pokémon…she’s the reason Mia’s gone off to the city.” The Raichu explained. “But Scarlett is a strong hater of the City Pokémon…so it’s obvious the two don’t get along…” He explained awkwardly.

“Yeah…and she’s attacked me from time to time for supporting the City Pokémon too…” Sparky mumbled scratching his head. “I…hate being around her…”

“It must be hard having so many children…” Aqua said with minimal sympathy. “Though…I’ve been an only child my whole life, siblings fighting seems…normal from what I see in my village…” Aqua explained.

“Well…one time Scarlett almost got me killed by an Ekans…you call that a fight?” Sparky growled.

“Scarlett…can be cruel sometimes…” Tenkin sighed. “She…might be a good match for the hunting group, but Lia will never allow it.” He sighed crossing his arms.

“That’s…too bad…” Aqua mumbled.

“Go on! It’s not like you can get into any trouble while the barrier’s up!” A Raichu stormed into the room, carrying an egg in her arms. “Well, I never-oh, hello there…!” She smiled at Aqua upon seeing her. “And may I ask who your friend is?” Lia questioned Sparky specifically.

“This is Aqua, she’s…”

“…A Chosen, like Sparky.” Tenkin cut him off. “Since Aqua decided to travel alone, she’ll be traveling with Marko and Sparky.” He explained.

“Oh, that’s good to know.” Lia smiled, nodding happily. “It’s much safer to go with others, than alone.” She stated placing the egg in a pile of hay. “Oh and I saw some sort of pack in there, was that yours?” The Raichu asked, looking to the Buizel.

“Oh, yes, that’s mine and-oh…” Aqua paused something catching her thoughts.

“Something wrong…?” Tenkin asked curiously.

“Yeah…why stop like that?” Sparky asked.

Aqua turned to the Elder of the village. “I wanted to ask you something, Elder Tenkin…”


A Floatzel had burst into Aqua’s mother’s home, slightly frantic. “Aska, Aska!” She called looking around the small hut, but not finding the Pokémon.

A light tap on the Floatzel’s shoulder made her jump. “What is it?” The Floatzel, Aska, questioned.

“Have you seen Wade?” Aska looked at the other Floatzel confused.

“Of course not,” She replied. “He’s your son…” The mother of Wade sighed.

“I…haven’t seen him since he went to talk with Aqua this morning…” This got Aska’s attention. “He wanted to try and convince her…”

“So even your son tried?” Aska questioned. “You should go talk to the Elder…if he does not know of his whereabouts; the two of us will go searching for him in the morning.” She explained. “I doubt he’d get into too much trouble.” She crossed her arms in frustration.

The Floatzel the pair of mothers was looking for had been standing at the edge of the village. He sighed heavily at the thoughts going through his mind, but started to walk forward. “I got to find her,” He mumbled. “Chosen or not, she needs a guardian…”


“…So that Lucario’s name is ‘Senrai’…” Aqua mumbled, lying on a small pile of hay, Sparky not far from her, the two sharing his old room.

“Yep, and from what dad said, he was looking to get me on his side or whatever.” Sparky replied. “It’s not important, you know.” He quickly added in an uncaring way. “Let’s just ignore him for now and get some sleep.”

Aqua sighed at that comment but agreed to it. “Yeah, I guess so.” She mumbled, letting out a small yawn.

Chapter End…

Hopefully it won't take as long to get the next chapter out... .3.
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