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Default Re: Spring Gift Station!

Gift Log

Akinai (6): Gothitelle from Alaska, Riolu from Ebail, Heart Scale from DoH, Bronzong from Buoy, Leftovers from ChainReaction, Scizor from Kai-Mei
Alaskapigeon (13): Hitmontop from Pman, Cloyster from Monbrey, Munchlax from ATF, Togekiss from Braniac, Alakazam from Akinai, TM Protect from EmBreon, Lucario from Ebail, Darmanitan from Gmandiddy, Haxorus from DoH, Shiftry from Siless, Daycare Pass from WebMaster, TM Hail from Magepigeon, Alaska from Kai-Mei
AmericanTreeFrog (5): Oshawott from Ebail, Story Pass from Alaska, Leftovers from ChainReaction, Dragonite from Magepigeon, Politoed from Kai-Mei
Arctic Penguin (3): Deino from ATF, Larvitar from cooldude500, Chimchar from Black Reaper
Ash K (7): TM Energy Ball from EmBreon, Eevee from WebMaster, Flygon from Monbrey, Crobat from Mubz, Whimsicott from Buoy, Daycare Pass from Ebail, Gliscor from Kai-Mei
BakuraBoy13 (5): Haxorus from Mubz, Shelmet from Trainer17, Kabutops from Piggin, Spheal from Captain Dude, Chimchar from Ebail
Black Reaper (4): Park Pass from ATF, Eevee from Ebail, Park Pass from Alaska, Poliwrath from Kai-Mei
Blazemaster (6): Garchomp from Ash K, Heracross from Xali, Jynx from Synthesis, Emolga from Fawkes, Camerupt from Kai-Mei, Electivire from SLC
Bumblebee (7): Lilligant from Ebail, Park Pass from DoH, Wailord from Buoy, Chimecho from Akinai, Torkoal from Kai-Mei, Scyther from Monbrey, TM Wild Charge from WebMaster
Buoy (9): Haxorus from SLC, Lickilicky from Captain Dude, Park Pass from Ebail, Snubbull from Akinai, Slaking from Pokemaster, Roserade from Morru Magnum, Sawsbuck from Scourge of Nemo, Slowbro from Gmandiddy, Infernape from Kai-Mei
Captain Dude (5): Tyranitar from Ebail, Daycare Pass from WebMaster, Houndoom from Buoy, Max Revive from ChainReaction, Daycare Pass from CommBA
Cave Dweller (1): Haroxus from Trainer17
ChainReaction01 (11): Elemental Orb from WebMaster, TM Protect from EmBreon, Empoleon from Nitro, Krookodile from Ebail, TM Snatch from Akinai, Daycare Pass from Captain Dude, TM Blizzard from Pokemaster, Daycare Pass from Haxaurus, Daycare Pass from CommBA, Sigilyph from Kai-Mei, TM Focus Blast from Morru Magnum
CommBA (3): Krookodile from Captain Dude, Gengar from Kai-Mei, Banette from Webmaster
cooldude500 (2): Togepi from Arctic Penguin, Expert Belt from Synthesis
Dog of Hellsing (8): Beheeyem from Akinai, Mienfoo from Ebail, TM Skill Swap from Pman, Drifblim from Gmandiddy, Daycare Pass from WebMaster, Zigzagoon from Xali, Park Pass from ChainReaction, Daycare Pass from CommBA
Dragoness (1): 3 Lum Berries from Morru Magnum
Ebail (10): Froslass from Akinai, Bronzong from Gmandiddy, Dyacare Pass from WebMaster, Nidoqueen from Black Reaper, Vespiquen from ChainReaction, Delibird from WinterVines, Daycare Pass from Captain Dude, TM Wild Charge from Morru Magnum, Milotic from Kai-Mei, Houndoom from Bumblebee
EmBreon (5): Carracosta from LS, Park Pass from ChainReaction, TM Protect from CommBA, Honchkrow from Kai-Mei, Flareon from Monbrey
Fawkes (3): Mawhile from Fossil Fusion, Lapras from Monbrey, Chandelure from Kai-Mei
Fierce Deity (2): Swampert from Nitro, Jolteon from Kai-Mei
Fossil Fusion (8): TM Protect from EmBreon, Scraggy from Ebail, Sharpedo from Gmandiddy, Drapion from Mubz, Tyranitar from Nitro, Park Pass from ATF, Blaziken from Kai-Mei, Float Stone from Morru Magnum
FrozenChaos (4): Zebstrika from WebMaster, TM Protect from EmBreon, Mismagius from Nitro, Kingdra from Kai-Mei
FTecho (2): Charizard from Zolar, Tyranitar from Fawkes
Gmandiddy (6): Primeape from Fossil Fusion, Raichu from Mubz, Daycare Pass from Ebail, Leftovers from ChainReaction, Daycare Pass from CommBA, Scyther from Kai-Mei
Googly (1): Crobat from Captain Dude
Haxaurus (1): Ambipom from Pokemaster
HKim (3): Pikachu from Pman, 3 Lum Berries from Morru Magnum, Togekiss from Kai-Mei
Iceman120 (3): Larvitar from Ephraim, Pansage from Trainer17, Magby from Captain Dude
Kai-Mei (1): Dragon Fang from Ebail
Kantomasta (5): Feraligatr from Ash K, Lapras from Monbrey, Eevee from Zolar, Butterfree from WebMaster, Seaking from Magepigeon
Kaustic (7): Park Pass from ATF, Camera from Ebail, Hyper Ball from ChainReaction, Soothing Fragrance from WebMaster, Flareon from DoH, Elekid from Captain Dude, Dragonite from Kai-Mei
LS the Door Mat (8): Chandelure from WebMaster, TM Protect from EmBreon, Lapras from Ebail, Feraligatr from Nitro, Floatzel from Monbrey, Vulpix from Kai-Mei, Fire Stone from CommBA, Gallade from Sheepskinfuton
Magepigeon (1): Staraptor from Monbrey
Magic Eraser (1): Swoobat from Trainer17
Magikchicken (1): Rapidash from Kai-Mei
Mintjelly (1): Eevee from Ebail
Monbrey (6): Daycare Pass from Alaska, Daycare Pass from Ebail, TM Protect from EmBreon, Crobat from Nitro, Light Orb from Magepigeon, Rotom-H from Kai-Mei
Morru Magnum (4): Whimiscott from Ebail, Staraptor from Pokemaster, Vullaby from Buoy, Spearow from Kai-Mei
Mubz (2): Mismagius from Xali, Daycare Pass from Ebail
Neonsands (2): Excadrill from Ebail, Delibird from Kai-Mei
Nitro (5): Gigalith from LS, Bibarel from Roulette, Park Pass from ChainReaction, Camerupt from Kai-Mei, Plusle from TED
Oerba Yun (1): Vaporeon from DoH
PichuBoy (2): Vanilluxe from Buoy, Swellow from SLC
Pidge (1): Daycare Pass from WebMaster
Piggin (2): Raichu from Ebail, Jumpluff from Monbrey
Phantom Kat (2): TM Protect from EmBreon, Arcanine from Kai-Mei
Pman (2): Ludicolo from Kai-Mei, Blastoise from Pokemaster
Pokemaster (8): Smooth Rock from Pman, Gyarados from LS, Rufflet from Buoy, Daycare Pass from Ebail, Daycare Pass from Haxaurus, Charizard from Kai-Mei, Machamp from Monbrey, 3 Lum Berries from Morru Magnum
Roulette (6): Krookodile from Alaska, Wobbuffet from Nitro, Lapras from Black Reaper, Daycare Pass from Captain Dude, Dragonite from Kai-Mei, Electrode from Monbrey
Scourge of Nemo (3): TM Gyro Ball from Alaska, Park Pass from Buoy, Ninetales from Kai-Mei
Sharkbait (7): Furret from Kantomasta, Flygon from Zolar, Gyarados from CommBA, Serperior from Trainer17, Eevee from Fawkes, Chinchou from Alaska, Meganium from DoH
Siless (5): TM Protect from EmBreon, Hypno from DoH, Park Pass from Alaska, Shuppet from Akinai, HOundoom from Kai-Mei
SkittishHeart (1): Glaceon from CaptainDude
SLC (3): Electivire from Mubz, Blaziken from Kai-Mei, Cloyster from Bumblebee
Soulmaster (7): Emboar from Trainer17, Shroomish from Haze, Garchomp from WebMaster, Park Pass from Ebail, Hyper Ball from ChainReaction, Zebstrika from Monbrey, Mincinno from WTP
Squeaky the First (1): Pidgeot from Captain Dude
Synthesis (7): Sawsbuck from Ebail, Abra from Mubz, Beartic from Akinai, Rotom Voice Disk from Captain Dude, Gyarados from ATF, Aerodactyl from Kai-Mei, TM Sandstorm from Webmaster
Taither (1): Sceptile from Magepigeon
TheCharizard111 (1): Omastar from TED
TheEvilDookie (2): Espeon from Ebail, Nidoking from WebMaster
Trainerchu (1): Ampharos from Captain Dude
We Taste Pies... (7): Breloom from Alaska, TM Protect from EmBreon, Daycare Pass from Ebail, Daycare Pass from Captain Dude, Daycare Pass from Pokemaster, Porygon from Kai-Mei, Vaporeon from Monbrey
WebMaster (9): Muscle Band from EmBreon, Alakazam from LS, Armaldo from Nitro, Daycare Pass from DoH, Growlithe from Gmandiddy, Joltik from ChainReaction, Daycare Pass from Captain Dude, Daycare Pass from Ebail, Volcarona from Kai-Mei
WinterVines (6): Golurk from ATF, Aggron from WebMaster, TM Protect from EmBreon, Breloom from Ebail, Steelix from ChainReaction, Aerodactyl from Kai-Mei
Xali: (2) Daycare Pass from Ebail, Daycare Pass from Captain Dude
Zolar (12): Armaldo from Ash K, Garchomp from Pman, Metang from Monbrey, Expert Belt from ATF, Leftovers from CommBA, Espeon from LS, Tentacruel from Mubz, Slowking from SLC, Walrein from Synthesis, Grimer from Alaska, Kadabra from Kai-Mei, TM Venoshock from Captain Dude

Returned Gifts:

Akinai: TM Snatch given to ChainReaction
Alaskapigeon: Grimer given to Zolar
AmericanTreeFrog: Expert Belt given to Zolar
Ash K: Armaldo given to Zolar
Black Reaper: Nidoqueen given to Ebail
Captain Dude: TM Venoshock given to Zolar
EmBreon: Muscle Band given to Webmaster, TM Protect given to ChainReaction
Morru Magnum: TM Focus Blast given to ChainReaction, TM Wild Charge given to Ebail
Nitro: Armaldo given to Webmaster
Pokemaster: TM Blizzard given to ChainReaction
Synthesis: Walrein given to Zolar
Webmaster: Daycare Pass given to Ebail
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