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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Off of Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: Velocity, narphoenix

I watched the guy talk to the younger one who tried to intimidate me earlier bicker about something, watching him put a bike into the car. I turned, replacing my helmet over my head and getting on my bike, revving the engine and letting it hum to a nice sound before kicking up the stand and taking off down the road. I wondered still, about that doctor and his Sona, and how he developed such abilities. Things like that would be a prime ability for WAE, but as long as he was on our side…apparently it seemed he was anyway, it was something to be thankful for at the moment.

I started playing music inside my helmet, something instrumental to calm my nerves, I was getting feelings from Veza. I knew that she was going to have a big explanation ahead of her Nexen-side. The only issue was, everyone asked how we did it, and we never really remembered how. Veza remembered few things, I barely remembered how I got out of it myself, however, I remembered the feeling of complete, emptiness, monochrome and silent, dead and waning. There wasn’t much other way to describe it, it was like describing colour to a blind person or music to the deaf. Well, maybe not music…

The drive was going to be a long one, and the dark clouds didn’t look too inviting, but I didn’t think it was going to rain. I pushed a button on my dash, if you could call it that on a bike, and a panel opened up, revealing a few nobs and a dial, looking like an old radio. I plugged in a set of earphones, one that was stuck inside my helmet. I turned the dial a bit, listening to static before I got some kind of clarity from the car behind me. Hacking into the radio of the car, I put one of my mics on, making sure that it was working alright, not doubting my hacking skills what so ever.

“Hey, I can talk to you through the radio if you need it. Just hook up a phone to a port and connect to this channel if you see anything.”

That was all I was going to say. I could feel Veza inside my head, something small and just a statement. Something about not busting the other guy’s balls, probably the guy who said he was an ally and had the car. I rolled my eyes, she knew my answer, and all I did was groan.

Long ass drive was going to be long.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Anyone involved in the Antitivity battle

The reactions were something I expected from everyone, though some probably had figured it out by now. I waited for everyone to catch their breath before continuing with my explanation. However, before I could, one of the other Sona’s asked me a question, one that was typical to expect as well. At least it seemed that no one despised me thus far from being one who broke out of the grip of a plague that was said to be unbreakable. Something told me that this Sona was the only existing creative soul left of their Deviant, that, or someone they knew.

“I will be honest, I’m not sure how I or my Deviant broke out. All I remember is a surge, and something finally snapping, something that made me break my way out. I’m not sure what it was entirely like for my Deviant, but I can’t imagine it was anything pleasant.” I started explaining. “I can’t see why a human couldn’t do it, but one thing I know for sure is that it takes both ends to come to. At least, that’s as solid of a conclusion we made anyway.”

I knew that telling them I had no idea how it happened that I got out wasn’t going to be a crowd pleaser, it never was. However, there was some key to it, and when I, or my Deviant figured it out, we would know, and be able to save people and both ends of the world. There was one thing I remembered most though, one specific detail about being trapped inside that dead space known as Velvod.

“There was one thing…a big engine, something that’s controlling all of it I think. All of the WAE.” I said. “I need more information on it, I have a feeling it’s been here much longer than any of us, and if we break it, everything will start to heal. I’ll go it alone if I have to, and I’m not asking anyone, but I feel you’re capable of being trusted.”

If these Sona’s were going to help me or not, that was their decision, I couldn’t make them do anything, I was no mind controller. I was a WAE Superweapon gone rogue, a dark metal shadow of my former self. I looked at Dos, seeing as he was asking of my Deviant to stop bothering his own Deviant. I knew she wouldn’t but pretended to talk to her regardless. After a moment, I returned to dos, and everyone for that matter.

“She’s been the brunt of the shield, she’s taken this harder than I have, and is taking longer to recover due to the fact she’s using what she knows of WAE to act it, to prevent from being found. She doesn’t trust easy, or help anyone, or speak much. In a crowd you’d barely be able to find her amongst those who are stricken with WAE.” I told them in a very serious tone of voice. “She was never like that though, as you are never the same after coming through that. Don’t press her too hard, or she’ll retaliate out of instinct.”

“So…yeah, I’m not asking anyone for help, but any would be helpful. My Deviant may never admit it, but we need it.”

Adrian Acursio
Affected RPer's: Winter and Velocity

Adrian opened a door, finding Ryza’s room, almost seemingly ignoring everything Nova was saying, however listening to every word. The albino inspected the room to see it was up to par, significantly better than her previous room; a bed with blankets, tables and a desk, a fridge, and a closet for clothing, and even a bathroom off to the left hand side. Adrian only turned around when Nova put a firm grip on him, gazing into his eyes with his own. He listened to every word, and didn’t speak until he was finished. He then looked at Ryza, whose comment made him a bit more pleasant than he was initially feeling.

“Nova, I don’t believe I specified when this mission was to be carried out. I wouldn’t send Ryza until she was ready. We have others going on this mission as well, I’ve already worked things out that aren’t something to worry about.” He explained in an airy tone of voice, borderlining a crack of a smile. “Ryza, you weren’t singled out, you’re only hear because you were strong and defeated those odds that were set against you. Here you have more say of what you would like to do, but unfortunately for my superior, there are still some restrictions remaining.”

After that, Adrian removed Nova’s grip from his arm, and proceeded to leave what would be Ryza’s room, looking behind him just before the door shut.

“Nova, if you have any concerns, please address them to me after you’ve settled in. If any changes need to be made, let me know. For now, I need to take a call about the Seattle incident.”

With that, Adrian was gone, and walking down the hallway silently, moving towards the receptionist who handed him an envelope without a word. As he opened it, he saw images of the device that caused the place to erupt in the audio mess that was some time ago. The image was of a half melted radio, and due to the damage, it couldn’t be identified as what model it was, thus throwing out the option of where it came from. However, Adrian knew people who could give him some information.

“Call in Tom, we’re going to have this flown in by tonight. I want it examined.”
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