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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Samantha Silverheart
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“HOLY FRIED CHICKEN!” Sammy bellowed out of the blue, causing alarm to the Espeon who just locked her eyes on the Trainer, looking over if something was wrong. It was quite a natural reaction for some people to do that when a random person -- in her case, a Pokemon -- suddenly spoke to them through their minds. “Solie, s-somebody just talked inside my head. No, it’s not my own voice, so that was kinda… new.” She allowed herself to breathe before telling her Espeon what happened. And just when she was about to speak, one of her Pokeballs flew into mid-air then opened in half, sending out a white light in the form of yet another feline. When the glowing thingamajig disappeared, a Glameow came into view, purring. “I guess you want to listen to my “story” as well, Paws?” Sammy questioned; Paws nodded. “I should let Gale hear this, too.” The Trainer picked up the remaining occupied Pokeball from her Poke-belt prior to tapping the middle circle. The same luminous flash appeared, but this time, a bird-like creature emerged from it. The Braviary landed beside Solie, who was sitting to the left of Paws. “That’s everybody.” Sammy cleared her throat. “All right, guys, before I abruptly yelled the words that I did, Uxie introduced himself -- in a manner that wouldn’t make a person go nuts, if I were to describe it -- and told me to go meet some people named Thomas Fisher and Sara Sage at Spear Pillar.” She glanced at each of her Pokemon, wanting to know how they felt about it.

Apparently, they weren’t as astounded as their Trainer.

“Nyar, Nyar, Nyarr~” Paws uttered in a I’m-ready-for-this tone of voice. The other two, being able to understand what the Glameow said, gave their Trainer a meaningful gaze before nodding.

“I guess this means you’re all with me.” Sammy smiled thankfully then looked at the sky. Mr. Uxie, I don’t know if you can hear me; however, I’ll still say that my Poke-buddies will be going to the place you mentioned. And with that, she turned her attention back to her Pokemon. “Let’s go!” she cheered as she began walking towards the destination, Solie; Paws; and Gale behind her.

(Yes, the last part was rushed. :/)
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