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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

lake valor to lake verity
Registeel l human form

After a couple hours I stood up hoping she could hear me. "AZELF YOU HERE!"
I finally gave up and left.

the next place to go is lake verity where Mesprit probably is.
While riding I realized my complete focus was finding all three emotion legendaries.
"Its probably my best chance after all I have a lot of work to do it might take a long time to
gather every legend but its the only hope we have."

I stop and put the stick down to hold it up.I popped off and went on thegrey grainy sand.
It was cold and dead no one around without mesprit here the place went to the dump.
"wow how long have we've been away" I mumbled.
"MESPRIT YOU HERE!" I suddenly yelled
Suddenly the lake warmed and the sun shined."Oh she's here."

Like a Baws

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