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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Thomas Fisher (Human Uxie) and Sara Sage
Celestic Town
APers: MoonKit (Mazi/Mespirit), Elecii (Maxine/Azelf), FireSong (Samantha Silverheart)

"So, basically, Cyrus is a God-Complexed megalomaniac and Team Galactic consisted primarily of a bunch of douchebags." Thomas Fisher marveled at Sara Sage's ability to combine complex diction with low level slang to so accurately articulate her theories.

Cynthia nodded,"That's basically the conclusion everyone came to." Cynthia had just finished explaining the history of Team Galactic and, more accurately, Cyrus. She included the mythos behind the parties as well, and didn't even bother to disguise the fact that these legends were fact.

Ever perceptive, Sara questioned,"Wait. How did Dawn, who had only been training Pokemon for half a year, beat a highly methodical mastermind on accident?"

Cynthia's voice was neutral,"The first encounter with the grunts was an accident, but she actively pursued Galactic after. Plus rumor has it that the Spirit Trio was keeping a very careful eye on her. In addition, not so rumor has it that the then Sinnoh champion was of assistance of well." Cynthia smirked.

Thomas requested,"Cynthia, may I go outside for a moment?" He didn't pause for an answer; he simply left.

Thomas figured that, since he was near Mt. Coronet and therefore Spear Pillar, he might be able to contact his sisters. But before he did, he detected a familiar presence near his lake.

The girl and the Espeon... Thomas thought to himself. They had gone there many times before, and eventually he decided to keep tabs on them. Perhaps he could bring another piece into the game...

<Hello. To answer the question in your mind, yes, your hearing voices in your head. No you're not going insane. I am Uxie. You have often come to my lake, so I trust you will help me in my time of need. I need you to meet my friends Thomas Fisher and Sara Sage at Spear Pilllar.> He telepathed to the girl he would later know as Samantha Silverheart. Hopefully, she would be willing to be a piece in this game: he foresaw great value in the girl. About as much as Sara, who was piece that he could trust to willingly move into position on its own.

Thomas then refocused to trying to contact his sisters. This was substantially easier: not only were they at their lakes, but his siblings were naturally in tune with him,<Joy, Azelf! Thank God you're all right! This is Aquinas, or, as everyone shall refer to me for now, Thomas Fisher. I need you guys to make a beeline for Mt. Coronet, ASAP. Hurry! We need to stop Cyrus once and for all.>

OoC: I hope nobody minds that I cheated a bit. I figured Mt. Coronet would amplify Uxie's telepathy, especially to The Lakes.
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