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Default Re: Velocity vs narphoenix

Round 4


[Chomp] Totodile (M)
HP: 76%
Energy: 69%
Condition: Needs to deal more damage, and quickly; +2 Attack; Toxic; 2 Clones
Sub 1% ~ Swagger/Rain Dance/Aqua Tail


Staryu (X)
HP: 91%
Energy: 61%
Condition: Thinking about a change of tactics
Thunder Wave ~ Protect

The star Pokémon began to move first, the red orb at the center of his body glowing with a slightly yellow sheen. A look of slight worry passed over Chomp’s face, which was mirrored exactly by his clones. What was this little annoying starfish going to do? With the sound of crackling lightning, the Staryu let loose a flowing wave of bright yellow electricity. With a wince, Chomp braced himself as the electricity wrapped around his body. Chomp instantly felt his muscles seize up, and let out a wince of pain. How could this happen?!
[Staryu: -4 Energy| Chomp: PRLZ, -6 SPD]

(Accuracy rolled a 27 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target.)
(Roll was 1, with 1 hitting Chomp and 2 or 3 hitting a clone)

Chomp groaned a the sudden feeling of electricity in his body. His clones around him copied his movements, and he tried to focus on his orders. He managed to push through the paralysis that threatened to take over, and began to scrape at the ice. He let water fall from his mouth, which instantly hardened into an ice-like replica of himself. Smiling slightly at his victory, Chomp got back into a battle stance.
[Chomp: -1 HP/Energy, Substitute @ 1HP]

(Paralysis Roll was 2418 where any result less than or equal to 5000 resulted in Chomp successfully carrying out its orders.)

Spinning happily on one of its five legs, the Staryu may have been smirking if it actually had a face. But it had one more action to carry out. The gem on its body began to glow dimly again, a soft green-white orb surrounding the Pokémon. It hopped up again, spinning in the air as if to say “Beat that, croc.”
[Staryu: -8 Energy, Protected next action]

Chomp snarled at the cocky action of his opponent and got into a fighting stance, his clones doing the same. Closing his eyes, he forced through the paralysis that threatened to over take his body. His feet slid easily over the ice as he danced around, attempting to please the god of the rain. As he slid to a halt, he felt the first drops hit his skin and smiled. He had pleased them, good...

[Chomp: Rain Dance, -7 Energy]

(Paralysis Roll was 1760 where any result less than or equal to 7500 resulted in Chomp successfully carrying out its orders.)

Chomp’s eyes turned to glare at his opponent who was safely encased in its glowing orb. The protect faded and the Staryu twirled on its legs with a soft and confident cry. Chomp growled, but was cut off as the Toxic began to take effect again. He fell to his knees, feeling the pain burning through his veins. He was in a tight spot that was going to be difficult to get out of…He needed to think of something QUICK.
[Chomp: -6 HP]

Round 4 END


[Chomp] Totodile (M)
HP: 69%
Energy: 61%
Condition: That little…; +2 Attack, -6 SPD; Toxic, PRZ; 2 Clones; Sub @ 1%;


Staryu (X)
HP: 91%
Energy: 49%
Condition: How do you like that~?

Reff Notes
- It is raining in the arena
- Toxic will deal -8 HP next round
- Chomp still has 2 clones
- Location: Icy Island
- Man this was fun to ref, enjoy!

narphoenix, your moves please!

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