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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Samantha Silverheart
Acuity Lakefront

"Maaan, after the Sinnoh League and the Grand Festival, this happens?" Sammy, not sure what to feel about the situation, asked the sky with a slight hint of frustration. It wasn’t for the reason that she didn’t want to help the Legends, but because she was tired from all the travelling she did; she had already gone all over Sinnoh twice. Well, maybe not totally “all over.” She even had to let some of her Pokemon stay back at home so they could rest; the ones with her now are also those who were eager enough to forget the weariness in order to help out. Sammy was thankful for it, as she didn’t want to spend her time catching random Pokemon. “What was the name of the bad guy again? Cyrus? The leader of Team Plasma?”

“Espee.” A soft voice purred from the ground. Sammy looked down to see her gray Espeon nodding in agreement. Being the Trainer’s first Pokemon, Solie had the closest bond with her, so she just couldn’t allow the teenager to wander in places without her.

“All right. All we have to do is find him, right? And then defeat him with the help of those who also volunteered themselves to assist the Legends?” But it won’t be easy as it seems; the man have some of the Legendaries’ replica. Also, the fact that she’d be meeting new people once again made her feel nervous; after all those years, Sammy’s still shy around fellow humans. She never knew why, yet she reasons out that she’s just afraid of being judged or something. I have to be brave, though, for the sake of the Legends as well as for the people plus Pokemon in this world. She then continued to walk around Acuity Lakefront, unsure of what to search for. “How did I manage to get out of this area again? I don’t remember the snow being this deep.” She sighed. “Maybe it’s a bad omen or something. Oh wait, it probably is.”
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