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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Sakasa Yochi (Giratina) and Sophia Triste
Giratina-Human Form
Eterna City

"Um," he stalled hopelessly as he dug through his many pockets for the money he knew he didn't have. The woman at the counter glared at him in impatience, obviously not happy that he seemingly could not pay for the food he had placed on the counter. He was about to ask if there was a way he could work the amount off when he felt a gentle nudge and a girl who looked like she might have been nine, maybe ten, slid around him to look up at the woman behind the counter .

"How much is his total?" she asked softly. The girl met the woman's gaze steadily, and finally relented, repeating the number to to the girl that she had just told him. Without a moment's hesitation, the girl tossed a few other items on the counter and produced a wallet from a small shoulder bag. "Put his purchase with mine, I'll pay--he must have been a pickpocket's victim, kids have no respect these days..." she said, sighing at the end and following through with a head shake that sent her nearly white hair bouncing off her shoulders. The woman at the counter shot him a dirty look that seemed to greatly disapprove of allowing the little girl to pay for his lunch. Personally, he was too surprised to speak until she was pulling the bagged food off the counter and leading him by the jacket cuff out of the convenience store.

"You didn't have to pay that, I would have found a way to work it off..." his voice trailed off as he realized that he didn't know the girl's name.

"My name is Sophia." The words were so sudden that he jumped, not quite expecting her to actually answer him.

"I would have found a way to pay off my lunch, Sophia," he insisted, she glanced back at him and he caught the sight of warm brown eyes and a playful smile.

"No, I didn't have to pay, but it was the right thing to do. If it makes you feel better, you can pay me back by having lunch with my pokemon and I. We don't eat with others much, and it can be fun to just sit and chat." Her response startled him--most other humans he had met had been as kind as this girl. At the same time, he wondered where the girl's parents were, surely she wasn't old enough to be on her own yet... "Oh, don't look at me like that, Musei," the girl's voice broke through his thoughts as she addressed a lone Gallade leaning against a nearby wall, looking at the pair with what seemed to be his version of raised eyebrows--in his defense, the image of a little, rather innocent looking girl dragging a 19 year-old goth guy who stood in at about 6' 2" around was a bit odd. There was a pause of silence before Sophia laughed. "He's nicer than his appearance suggests, Musei. He was a bit short on cash, so I paid for his lunch and invited him to eat with us, so be nice!" Another pause before she huffed, frowning at the Gallade. "No, I don't know his name yet, he hasn't had the time to introduce himself!"

"My name is Sakasa Yochi," he said softly, sending Sophia spinning away from the Gallade to look at him, big smile planted on her face.

"It's nice to meet you, Sakasa. You'll have to excuse Musei's occasional rudeness, he's a bit overprotective of me, like he thinks he's my mother or something." He couldn't help but smile at that one, especially when the Gallade glared at the girl for once. "Anyway, come on, are you going to eat with us or not?" she asked eagerly. Once again, Sakasa found his smile widening as he nodded.

"You did pay for my lunch, why not?" he relented, and with a cheer, Sophia set off in search for a bench where they could sit and eat, human Giratina and Gallade in tow.

Riika Amano and Seth Micheals (Entei)
Entei-Human Form
Jubilife City

"Ugh, too many friggin' people..." Riika muttered under her breath as someone stepped on her foot for the umpteenth time. "Is this even going to be worth getting my toes stomped all over?" she demanded to know. Seth laughed beside her.

"It's the only way to get to the rest of the cities and towns here, Riika. You're going to have to bear with it," he sighed, prompting quite a few choice words from Riika's mouth. "Hey, maybe you'll find some grunts to beat up on?" he said about the same time Riika's stomach growled, prompting another laugh from him.

"How about we find some food to eat first? I can't beat up grunts or anyone else on an empty stomach," she joked in spite that a blush was creeping across her cheeks. "Besides, it'll give us some time to get a little bit of strategy in."

"Since when do you do strategy?" Seth teased, a hand just barely reaching out to skim across one of her armwarmers, though he knew he would regret it later for reminding himself about the scars along her arms.

"Since these guys got smart enough to capture and clone you," she growled flatly as she allowed Seth to take her arm to steer her around towards the PokeMart to go get food.

OOC: Well, not my best, but they're in places near people, soooo... XD

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