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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Motorbike to lake valor

Registeel human form
Soon I climbed onto my bike and sped away. I traveled through the forest avoiding trees and boulders.
There has to be another legend down at lake valor home to azelf maybe she knows what happened to the others.
I stop so fast that I almost fly off the bike but luckily I stayed my weight popped off and put the stand down. I head into the undergrowth and come onto a path straight to the lake.
This lake was eerie and looks like no one has been here forever but luckily a couple of tourists walk by.
I scan the lake hoping azelf has been here maybe she can see me.
As I swim to the middle of the lake I see many magikarp and a coouple of barboack letting me pass when I reach the island I sit and wait for someone to call my name.

Like a Baws

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