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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Jubilife City
Rayquaza - Human Form

Koutei glanced around the bustling city as he sat on the steps of the Pokemon Gym. His yellow eyes scanned each face in succession as people passed him by, not paying him any notice. Some had pokeballs on their belts, others had their pokemon walking freely along with them. Others had none at all, but they seemed pleased with themselves. Brushing some of his deep green hair from his face, Koutei let out a long sigh before shifting as though he was uncomfortable. -It seems I'll never get used to this human body...- He thought quietly to himself before standing and ambling slowly down the road, getting sucked into the hustle and bustle of the crowd. -Oh well...It's a good disguise...-

As he walked, Koutei constantly kept his eyes moving, surveying everyone and everything around him. The capture of the other legendaries by Cyrus and his grunts had made him become more cautious over the time he had escaped. If someone looked at him in a strange way, he would move towns and stay away for a few weeks. Thankfully, Sinnoh was a fairly large place, and he could remain mostly undetected among its population. Pulling a small energy bar from a pack at his side, Koutei chewed on it absentmindedly as he ambles through the streets of Jubilife City slowly.

Snowpoint City
Lugia - Human Form

Umi shivered slightly as she walked through the forests surrounding Snowpoint City. She watched as several Starly and Staravia flitted from branch to branch, letting out their soft cries to one another. A small smiled played at her lips and she watched as her breath curled up into the air in front of her, relaxing now that she was away from most of the people in the small town. It had been very stressful for her since she wasn't used to running...She had been sleeping in her underwater cavern for years before the incident. And then to be woken up only to be trapped in some lab? The very memory of it made her shiver.

"It's over now..." She said quietly, almost as if she was trying to reassure herself "It won't happen again, Umi. You're safe..."

Solaceon Town
Raikou - Human Form

Tategami leaned casually against the white picket fence that surrounded the day-care center's field, watching the small Pokemon inside frolic and play. People came and went, giving him a simple nod or (in a child's case) a tiny wave before disappearing farther down the road or into their houses. Nobody bothered him in this quaint little town and for that he was very grateful. But he was lonely...He hadn't seen any of the other Legendaries after their escape from Cyrus' lab, and he hoped none of them had been hunted down again.

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