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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Trinity Hart & Jake Wood {Latios}
Eterna Forest
Latios – Human Form

Trinity giggled as she watched Jake trying to dance in the middle of the forest. He was grinning as he twirled in circles with his arms high above his head, trying to imitate a ballerina. Trinity continued to laugh at his failed attempts at being a ballerina. “Oh come on, Trin, I’m not that bad!” he laughed, joining her under the tree. He pushed his long blue hair out of his eyes once again, but it only stayed away from his view for a few seconds before falling back in front of his jade eyes. He sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do about his hair. Trinity watched Jake roll a pebble around with his hand absentmindedly. Jake was odd, Trinity knew that, but he was likeable. There was an aura about him that was slightly different and unusual, but Trinity usually put it off as her being silly, but she knew there was something different about this boy, and she was determined to find out what it was.

“Hey, Jake,” Trinity began, looking at her friend, who was now drinking from a bottle of water. “I was just wondering, what’s your opinion on this whole legends rumour? About Cyrus?” she asked. Jake almost choked on his drink when Trinity asked, and she knew something was up. He was always so sensitive about the topic of legendaries or Cyrus, like something bad had happened in his past related to the legendaries or something.

“I think Cyrus was wrong to capture the legendaries,” Jake said, after there was a long moment of silence. Trinity was surprised, this was the first time he had actually spoken about the subject. “I mean, he took those legends and cloned some of them, and it was completely wrong.”

“I agree,” Trinity said quietly. She sighed. “I wish I could meet one of those legends that was cloned and just ask them how they felt and to help them.”

Jake nodded. “Me too.”

Gabriella Dale {Jirachi}
Jubilife City
Jirachi – Human Form

Gabi was hidden in the outskirts of Jubilife City, observing the humans go about their normal day. Gabi had been hidden in the same spot outside of the city for a few days now, but she didn’t want to leave just yet. She found it interesting to watch the people rush from one building to another, or for young trainers to have battles, right in the heart of the city. It excited her when she sensed a Pokemon nearby, and always went to talk to the Pokemon, usually through the use of telepathy, as to keep her hidden.

The same thing had been going on for a few days now, and Gabi was starting to get bored of it. She grabbed her small bag, which contained a miniature bottle of water, a packet of sweets which she had bought from the PokeMart, and a purse filled with money. She jumped the small fence that surrounded the city and headed to the PokeMart to buy something to eat since she was starting to get hungry.

Maxine Reynolds {Azelf}
Lake Valor
Azelf – Human Form

Max walked up and down the sides of the lake. She so desperately wanted to just turn into her Pokemon form and fly over to the cave in the centre of the lake and remain hidden away there forever, but she knew she couldn’t do that since there were lots of humans around, and if one of them discovered her secret then she wouldn’t live it down. Instead, she sat at the edge of the lake, moving her hand around in the water. She tried to remember back to the time when she could live in peace in her cave, but she couldn’t remember any time like that. If there wasn’t a villain trying to steal her away then there was a curious tourist who would try to approach her.

She played with her short hair as a distraction, trying not to think back to the time when she was captured by Cyrus for the first time.

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