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Default --hiatus;donotpost/ Replication;. {RP//open.}


{just as a note;; this will be based off of my original replication roleplay, but will be somewhat different.}

Minutes. Hours. Days. The legendaries were trapped for many many minutes; many hours; and a few days. Cyrus had been planning to replicate them all along, but after he had first come to capture the legends, his scientist had disappeared. Since the only person to know the formula for the replication potion was the scientist, Cyrus knew he had to track him down. Only one thing stood in his way: if he kept all the legendaries locked away the world would turn into mayhem, and he would become a suspect of their capture. To avoid this, he released the legends back into the wild, but not before he micro-chipped each of them so he knew their whereabouts at all times. None of the legends knew they had been micro-chipped, so they thought they had won against Cyrus and would never be caught again.

They were wrong.

Cyrus located a few of the legends immediately, while some others took a while to capture. Unfortunately for Cyrus, some of the micro-chips had stopped working, since they were a batch of faulty ones, which meant he only captured eleven of the legendaries. Unfortunately for everyone else, he managed to capture some of the strongest and most powerful legendaries.

After tracking down his scientist, Cyrus replicated the twelve legendaries before setting them free. His replicas took a while to come to life, but when they finally came to existence, they were more powerful and stronger than the real legends. Now he could bring his master plan to life: take over Sinnoh, then later the other regions.

The legends discovered Cyrus' plan. They all planned to go into hiding and try to track down information about what Cyrus had said, but this was near impossible to do while they stayed in their legendary form. Cyrus had't realised, but the micro-chips had a side effect - they allowed legends to transform into humans because of one of the chemicals used in the outer layer of the chips. The chemical reacted with the DNA of all of the legends, allowing them to turn into humans. The legends used this to transform into humans to save Sinnoh from the replicas.

Your Role

You may only play as legendaries or humans, as the replicas will not play a huge part and are not introduced into the RP until quite far in, and will then be NPCs for anyone to control.


As a legendary, your role is to find the other legendaries, then locate Cyrus' replica store house. You must also not reveal who you truly are to anyone other than friends you can truly trust.


Suspecting that your {legendary} friend is keeping a secret, you must plan to investigate what they are hiding. If they tell you their true form then you must aid them in their search.


1) Follow all Pe2k rules at all times, obviously.
2) No godmodding, bunnying, or anything of the sort.
3) I have the right to decline your SU for whatever reason, but I will give you a reason and some tips to improve if you still wish to join.
4) You may have 4 characters only. Only three of these may be legendaries, but you do not have to have all three allowed as legendaries, you can have one legend and two humans, or three humans. You may also only have more than 1 human if you have a legendary, but you may have just one human without a legendary. {This may be confusing, sorry.}
5) If you do not post in two weeks I will send a PM reminding you to post. If I do not get a reply in three days after then you will not be able to participate in the RP anymore. If you do reply in three days after then I will give you another week to reply if you can, or if not I will have your character{s} as if they are not there until the time you post.

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