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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

RP Title: Ė *doesnít have one*
RP Fandom Basis: Ė n/a
Opening Plot and Exposition: Ė I havenít actually written out the plot yet since Iím changing it from my fan fiction idea to an original role play, but hereís what I can offer. The role play takes place on a world called Gaia. The people and animals who live there have a strong connection with the nature around them and their deities. The deities are the Sacred Beasts, who in times of great need or change choose Guardians to summon them to the physical realm. However it has been centuries since the last time Guardians were chosen, the world being in a state of peace. The conflicts that did arise could be solved without the Beasts aid. Over time some started to believe that they were only legends, even though they still had shrines all over Gaia in their honor. Those who study the hunter arts and those who have a strong sense in magic just know they still exist, but now are in a deep slumber. But peace canít last forever.
Most of the Sacred Beasts want there to be balance between the physical and spiritual worlds as well as balance between humans and nature, but there are a few of the Beasts that have walked off that path. There are some that walk right next to it, maybe only concentrating on either the physical world or spiritual, or watches over the nature of the planet. But there are those who want change. No longer do they want balance nor to be ignored. They believe it is time to take back the world and reform it to their image, where they have complete control. It started with one choosing a Guardian to allow him access to the physical world, and others are sure to follow. However, when one Beast forms a bond with a Guardian of their choice, the others know of it as soon as the bond is formed. Others will arise and choose those they feel can help aid them in protecting the balance they had set and to keep the Beasts that are rebelling from enslaving all living creatures of the world. But will the Guardians they choose be able to do so? Will the Guardians abuse the power given? And will those Guardians chosen by the Sacred Beasts to be used as tools in their plan for reforming the world be saved? A war is over the horizon, and those who are in it will all have a part in how it will end.

...Okay, that almost sounded like a real plot. But that was all rushed and I wasnít really trying to write it out like that. But anyway, for races and classes, think WoW and Dragon Age. Iím open when it comes to races, but with classes Iíll be a bit strict. The main classes are warrior, rogue, and mage, but there are subclasses within those as well. Like with warrior a subclass could be paladin, for rogue they can also be classed as a hunter, and mages can have a subclass that excels in offensive magic or healing. In terms of the Sacred Beasts, I have ideas for only a few. But I am completely open to let players make their own. However, I will not be able to accept every character having one. Then things would get out of hand. The Beasts do not give super powers to their Guardians. They just form a bond that allows the Guardian to summon them from their own realm. The only thing I can see that might be considered god-moding is that only once can the Beast bring back their Guaridan to life. However when this is done the Sacred Beast is reborn, so they go back to being like an infant (for lack of a better term since not all the Beasts are the same species). They can only do this once per Guardian. If they did that with one Guardian and then he or she dies again, then the Beast returns to its realm and must wait to clam a new one and the previous person passes away.
Inspiration: Ė I got inspiration from a lot of different places. World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, Skyrim and so on. I took elements from each that I liked and turned it into something I thought might be interesting.
Where you need help: Ė I need some help with the plot. I donít want it to just be the typical war rp. I want some adventure, mystery, maybe a bit of romance if the other players donít mind that, and for the characters to problem solve. I would like something to loosely follow instead of it just be a make it up as we go along thing since those rps donít make it very far. I donít have a clear start or ending in mind, and donít even ask about a middle. Like I said, Iím converting this idea from a fan fiction idea I have which wouldnít make for a good rp as it was.
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