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Default Blowing Smoke (PG-13) Updated to Chapter Four

I've recently begun writing a story about none other than myself, and I figured since this forum is nice enough to have a section devoted to writing, why not put it up? Keep in mind that this is likely a very rough draft, and may be edited later on, but perhaps some of you will enjoy reading it anyway.

I'm rating this as PG-13 due to swearing, violence, and suggestive themes, so if your offended by those sorts of things, please pass this story by.

I throw you right into the story with no real background information, and so I'll tell you that this is a story about myself, Miasma, and how not very nice of a Pokémon I am. At least that's what all the townsfolk think about me. I am faced with the decision of either keeping a promise I made to my friend to stop killing, or to betray my friend by getting revenge for the recent death of my father.

Blowing Smoke
Chapter One: What have You done for Me lately?

The floor felt cold, and wet as I lay upon it, while I slowly regained consciousness. Slowly opening my eyes, I could barely make out the crude stone walls surrounding me in the darkness, and what appeared to be a rusty metal gate directly before me. The underside of my body burned painfully, and as I struggled to move, I quickly realized why. Whoever had put me in here had thrown me into a puddle that must have collected from the drops of water that were leaking from above.

Quilava such as myself grow weak in the presence of water, and I could feel the effects of lying in this puddle beginning to spread through my body as I regained my senses. I wondered how long I had been bathing in the life-leeching liquid, but my thoughts were cut short as I heard a noise come from directly in front of me.

Realizing that it was the sound of the metal gate screeching open, I went to jump to my feet when I realized that my wrists had been cuffed behind my back, making it incredibly hard just to raise myself up off the floor with only my hind legs. No sooner did I manage to stand upright before someone taller than myself was looming over me, their face enshrouded by the darkness of the room.

I went to tell the figure to stay back when I realized that my mouth had been tied tightly shut by a rope around my muzzle. Taking a step back, I felt that even my legs were not free from the binds of my imprisonment, instead they appeared to be shackled in a similar fashion to my wrists. A chill suddenly ran down my back, as it became all too aware of my helplessness in this situation, a feeling that I absolutely detested.

“No sudden moves, thief. If I see as much as a puff of smoke out of that foul mouth of yours, and I’ll cut you to pieces, got it?” I could sense disdain in the deep voice of the man who stood before me, and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I was able see that I was dealing with a Sceptile.

The tall green lizard reached out a hand to the rope around my muzzle, roughly untying it, and tossing it onto the floor. Smirking mischievously, I took advantage of my mouth’s freedom to have a crack at the over sized grass gecko.

“Yeah yeah, I get it. You’re the big scary monster here to make me squeal, and spit out everything I know.” Glaring up at my captor, I scoffed. “Just remember chump, I’d burn you down to nothing but ashes if we were in any other situation.”

In the blink of an eye, the Sceptile backhanded me along the side of my head, nearly knocking me off my feet. Though a muffled cry worked its way from my mouth, I did my best to keep the pain hidden from my face, not wanting to appear weak in front of this oaf of a man.

“Don’t talk back to me, thief. I don’t have to be nice to you, and I’m not going to take your crap. You’ve killed innocent townsfolk, and that’s reason enough for me to beat you to a pulp right now. You really don’t want to give me any more reasons.” The lizard’s voice had grown angry, and though part of me was pleased to get a response, another part of me knew he was strong enough to deliver on his threatening forward.

Figuring that the slap I had received didn’t hurt that bad, and my captor was still doing the intimidation spiel, I figured I’d try to get under his skin a bit. “Those idiots had it coming to them. If they had just handed over the goods like we told them to, they would’ve lived.”

I could see the oversized gecko’s agitation building, and it made me grin with satisfaction. “They were too stupid to give up, and too weak to save their own lives. Who would care about a pathetic bunch of losers like them anyway?”

While my captor clenched his fists tightly, I braced myself for what I knew would soon come. “How dare you speak of the dead like that? I’m not just going to stand here, and listen to you disgrace my sister!” With his voice booming loudly, the Sceptile reeled back, and delivered a punch to my stomach with all his might.

Yelling out in intense pain, I was sent toppling over backward onto the floor, while I choked up a fairly large cloud of black smoke. My whole body shook while I struggled to gather my bearings, managing only to sit up upon the floor, while the enraged man approached me. Just barely able to contain the hurt my body was experiencing, I forced myself to laugh at my captor’s anger, feeling proud of my defiant display in the face of this brute. “I-is that all you can do, big guy? No wonder your sister was so weak. It must run in the family!”

Before I knew it, the over sized gecko delivered a powerful blow to my nose, knocking me violently to the floor once again. My pain tolerance had finally been surpassed, and I moaned at the awful feeling of the back of my head smacking into the hard stone floor. To my dismay, the Sceptile climbed over me, and began punching me again, and again, and again.

The lizard screamed down at me while assaulting me in a fit of rage. “You son of a *****, I’ll kill you, I don’t even care about guild!” My cries grew weaker as I began to feel faint, but the strength of my captor’s blows seemed to be weakening as well. I could hear him crying now as he punched me slowly, eventually stopping altogether before standing up, and stepping back.

“No… I’m not a damn murderer like you, and I won’t bring myself down to that level…” I could hear the Sceptile turn around as I lay upon my back, and his continued sobs made me feel strong, even after taking such a beating. This chump was nothing more than a big baby, and I knew who had really won in this little exchange.

Belching up a plume of black smoke that dirtied the air in the room, I laughed weakly while the gecko picked up the rope he had removed from me earlier. “Maybe you should try coming down to my level sometime, chump… Who knows, maybe you’d enjoy it.” I found myself grinning once again, gathering enough strength to sit myself up upon the floor, while I let the cloudy miasma in my belly flow out of my mouth with each breath.

“No… I could never be like you, and your kind. With your twisted sense of justice, and corrupted ways, your nothing but a scar on the face of this world.” Though he had stopped crying, I could hear the sadness in his voice as my so called captor stepped through the building smog I had created, and tied the rope in his hand tightly around my muzzle, sealing my mouth shut but not wiping the grin off my face.

“You might not talk for me, but it doesn’t matter…” To my amusement, the man choked a bit as he spoke, having to breath in the tainted air around him. “I can’t stand your stench anyway, so they’ll just have to get someone else to deal with you.” With that, the defeated Sceptile made his way out of the room, slamming the rusty metal gate shut behind him. As he disappeared into the darkness, I slowly got to my feet, and began to properly survey my prison.

Though it was very dark, some light was generated by an oil lamp that was suspended from above, while the water dripping down from the ceiling around it let me know that I was probably underground. Being in no shape to formulate a plan of escape, I trudged over to a wall, and sat myself down next to it. Resting my back upon the stone wall, I guessed I would just have to wait, and see who these losers would bring in next.

Quite some time passed, and eventually I fell into an uneasy slumber; apparently they weren’t sending anyone else today.

- - - -

I didn’t dream while I slept, but I wished that I had as it would have allowed me to escape from the dampness of the awful room I was being held prisoner in. I wanted so desperately to yawn as I began to awaken, but that accursed rope was keeping my mouth shut. As I slowly opened my eyes, I could see some sort of light coming from beyond the metal door that sealed my chamber, and I soon noticed that the light was being carried by a person.

My eyes went wide even before the gate opened, recognizing the figure through the metal bars. Getting onto my feet, I walked to the middle of the room as a cute pink Flaaffy with soft white wool carefully opened the metal gate before me. Stepping forward to meet me, she was no doubt the friend I had made from town, the banker’s daughter. “Mia… Oh, just look at you.” Her expression looked mixed with worry, and disappointment, no doubt in part thanks to my appearance after the beating I took from before.

Reaching up to my muzzle, the adorable little Flaaffy untied the rope holding my mouth closed, letting it fall to the floor. “Velvet, what are you doing here? Why would you have the key to the gate, unless…” I trailed off, while the look in her eyes answered my question.

“I told them about us. About how you’re my… were my friend, for such a long time. I don’t agree with what you’ve been doing, but when I heard you had been captured, I didn’t want them to hurt you… I guess it’s already too late for that.” Velvet spoke softly, the slightest hint of sadness in her voice as she reached up a paw to caress my badly bruised cheek.

Scoffing a bit, I smirked down at the little sheep girl. “It doesn’t hurt that much. The big brute they sent in before you packed a punch, but that’s about all there was to him. I had him crying by the time we were done with our little conversation, the sad sap he was.”

Velvet frowned at me, and my grin quickly faded. “So… why are you here anyway? Are you going to set me free or not?” The annoyance in my voice was obvious, even to myself, but the silence after my asking began to make me feel uncomfortable. “Well? You are going to help me, right? …Velvet?”

The pink sheep sighed softly, looking down at the stone floor under our feet. “Mia, you’ve killed innocent people… You deserve to be punished, but I want to believe that you’re not bad. I don’t want my friend to be some evil person who murders others for no good reason!” Her words sounded hurt, and I wished that my shackles weren’t holding my paws behind my back, so that I could try to comfort her.

“Look Velvet, I told you before, we gave those people every chance we could to hand over what we wanted, but they refused.” I had tried explaining this before, but she wasn’t looking any more convinced now than she did the last time.

“No.” The fluffy sheep shook her head before glaring up at me. “No, Mia. That’s just not acceptable… Killing people just isn’t right, I don’t care what the reason is. That’s why I don’t feel right about what happened to your father, and…” Pausing for a moment, Velvet seemed to contemplate something in her mind.

“T-that’s why I’m going to give you a second chance… but only if your guild stops killing people. You know I don’t care that you’re thieves, but I refuse to help you out if you continue to be associated with a group of murderers. Now that your father is gone, you should be able to convince them to stop, shouldn’t you?”

I glanced down for a moment, almost having forgotten the last raid I had gone on with Brimstone, and the other guild members. The last thing I remembered was seeing his body laying motionless upon the ground outside of the building, and then everything went dark. The reality hadn’t sunk in yet that he was actually dead, and I found myself struck with a moment of grief.

Apparently Velvet could feel my pain, and embraced me in a tight hug. “I-I’m really sorry about your father… But certainly you can relate to the people your guild has brought suffering to with the deaths of their loved ones. You don’t want to do this to anyone else, do you? You don’t want to make someone else feel the way you do right now, surely?”

She was right, I felt pretty low right now, but I still believed that our actions were justified. Brimstone knew the risk of raiding that building with such a powerful guard protecting it, and ultimately he paid the price for being foolish. He may have been my father, but he also knew that this could have happened at any time with the line of work he was in.

“I know your right Velvet, and I tell you what… if you set me free, and get me out of here, I’ll make sure that our guild goes back to peaceful thievery. I promise you that.” My voice was as deep, and smooth as I could make it, while I stared into her eyes. Leaning down a bit, I placed a soft kiss upon her cheek, partly to seal my promise, but also just to feel her soft skin again after having missed it for such a long time.

The Flaaffy blushed as I stood up straight, smiling down at her before turning around, and waving my cuffed paws about in front of her. “O-okay Mia, I’ll believe you, but you’d better keep your promise.” Velvet spoke softly before pulling a small key free from her fluff, and unlocking the metals cuffs around my wrists. Once they were removed, it felt so good to be able to move my arms freely again, and I took the opportunity to stretch them out a bit.

Next she unlocked the shackles on my legs, and I kicked them off eagerly, turning around to face my little pink angel. “Thanks Velvet, you’re the best.” Wrapping my arms around her, I gave her a tight hug before we both turned our attention to the metal gate that lead out of the chamber. “Lets get out of this dump” I scowled. “The dampness is making my skin crawl.”

The fluffy Flaaffy agreed, and we both made our way out of the room, and down the hallway lit by the lantern she had been carrying. There we several other gates in the hallway, and I could only assume that they were rooms similar to the one I had been in, and that this really was some sort of prison.

“I didn’t know this town even had a prison, then again I’ve never known anyone who got caught before either…” I would admit that I was at least a bit embarrassed about being captured, but I couldn’t even see what had knocked me out before it had happened.

“Well, that’s because it’s not actually in the town itself.” Velvet spoke in a lecturing tone, as she often did, but that was something I actually found endearing about her. “Were underground, just at the edge of the forest to the east side of town. There’s an old run down shack covering the entrance, so most people just ignore it."

As we continued on, I could see a brightly lit doorway at the end of the hall, and no sooner had we stepped through it, I had the prison’s guard up in my face. “Hold it right there! Where do you think your going, thief?!” The guard was a Kabutops, and his bladed arm had already been brought up to my neck, ready to slice me open if I made any sudden moves.

Velvet shouted at him loud enough to hurt my ears. “Stop it! He’s promised to stop the thieves guild’s murderous ways, so I set him free.” The Kabutops turned to her, with a startled look upon his face. “You did what?! He’s a murderer, a thief! How can you just take his word for it? He could have hurt you in there. I knew I shouldn’t have let you go alone…”

The guards words were making Velvet mad, and I could see her little paws clench tightly into fists. “Now listen here mister, he’s not a bad person, he’s my friend! I know he’s done some bad things in the past, but not everything people say about him is true, I know it’s not.”

I was surprised to see her stand up for me like that, after all the terrible things I had done since we stopped seeing each other. It almost made me feel bad to take advantage of her unusual trust in me, but only almost.

"So your saying he’s not a murderer? Then what of the family claiming he killed their daughter? The Sceptile who was here just yesterday, his sister was said to have been killed by this very person.”

Velvet shook her head, and spoke more calmly than before. “His father… Brimstone was the one who killed her, not Miasma. He might have been there, but he’s not a murderer, he just isn’t. Now that Brimstone has passed away, don’t you think he deserves a second chance at life? A life without that man corrupting him?”

The Kabutops sighed heavily, stepping back, and looking me over for a moment. “Is… is what she says true? Was Brimstone the one who killed the girl, and not you?” I nodded, lying through my teeth. “Yes sir, I didn’t want to admit it because of the circumstances… Brimstone… I mean my father wasn’t above killing kids, but I didn’t want everyone else to know that. I felt… ashamed of him, and so I took the blame instead.”

The prison guard seemed to think for himself for a moment before turning to Velvet once again. “And you say that he is going to stop the thieves guild from killing any more townsfolk? How can you be sure of this?” Velvet placed her paws on her hips, looking confidently at the Kabutops. “Because I’m going to their guild with him, and I’ll make sure he keeps his promise!”

“W-what?! Your going with him to meet those goons?! But what if they hurt you? What if they kill you? You father wouldn’t let me live if I let you go with Miasma, and something happened to you…” The guard couldn’t believe what he had heard, but Velvet’s expression was one of determination, and he knew she had made up her mind.

Stepping forward, I looked up at the Kabutops, trying my best to reassure him. “Don’t worry, I won’t let any harm come to her. My father was our guild’s leader, and they all have a lot of respect for me. They wouldn’t hurt a friend of mine, I’m certain of that, sir.”

Placing an arm upon his head, and sighing deeply once again, the guard caved in. “Fine, I’ll let the people around town know what really happened, but I wouldn’t go wandering around there if I were you, thief. There are a lot of people who would like to see you beaten senseless for what you’ve done… or haven’t done, whatever.”

Velvet nodded, grabbing me by the paw, and pulling me towards the shack’s exit. “Okay, we’ll make sure to avoid going into town then. Thank you for understanding! Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it.”

The prison guard spoke lowly as we made our way to the front door. “If she has as much as a scratch on her when she comes back, I’ll have your head, thief. You hear me?” Turning my head to look over my shoulder, I nodded at him. “Yeah, I know. Nobody is going to hurt her while she’s with me, I promise you that.”

With that, Velvet, and I escaped the prison shack together. Once we were outside, I took the lead, and we set off to meet up with some of my close friends from the guild.

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