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Default Re: Youtube is liberal?

It's actually kind of coincidental that I stumbled onto this topic, because just the other day I saw a video on Youtube about Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney where the comments made me raise an eyebrow. Not a single comment that I saw gave any praise for Romney, instead every one of them seemed to be in support of Obama, which I found odd considering most everyone in my personal life dislikes the latter.

I'm not well informed enough to state a real opinion on this, but it would appear to me that a lot of Youtube's users are more liberal at least in their party affiliation, although I can't speak for what they are aside from that. Being liberal or conservative in terms of party affiliation has always seemed a lot different than the actual meanings of those two words, and so I'm not sure it's appropriate to judge someone by what party they support.

I think its similar to how communism gets bashed by people as if it's some evil thing, even though I don't believe we've ever seen a country that used actual communistic methods of managing society. Instead we've seen a bunch of dictators slap the word communism onto their regimes for one reason or another, giving it a bad name. But now I'm off topic. <_<;

I certainly don't think that there is no conservative voice on Youtube, there probably just aren't as many conservative users.
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