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Default Re: Latio-Reol v. narphoenix

Round Three


[Hammuhyd] Gible(?)
HP: 77%
Energy: 74%
+2 ATK, +2 ACC
Condition: Getting stronger baby!


HP: 100%
Condition: I made a good hit!

The cave was SO dark. Staryu was called back into its pokeball so to try a different strategy. In place of Staryu was a Shroomish. It erupted from its pokeball and stretched and smelled the musty air of the cave. It looked in front of it seeing the tiny Gible across the way. Rather than say hello, Hammuhyd charged in with both ots its claws changing to a dark color. It struck its claws twice against the Shroomish. Shroomish bounced back a little as it shook its head, trying to gain its senses. (Shroomish -24 HP) (Hammuhyd -34 energy)

Shroomish regained its senses and with its foe close to him, it began to let out from its body, a yellow colored cloud of dust into the air. The dust began to cover and stick to the body of Hammuhyd. The little Gible tried to keep its eyes open but it was just so tired. A little nap sounded great. It fell onto its back and closed its eyes and went to sleep. With its body covered in spores, only time would tell how long it would sleep. (Shroomish -6energy)


[Hammuhyd] Gible(?)
HP: 77%
Energy: 40%
+2 ATK, +2 ACC SLP
Condition: Sleeping! Do not disturb!


HP: 76%

Condition: Lively[/center]
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