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Default Re: The Trials of an Ex-Pokémon Fan

Sorry for the temporary hiatus. I'm back. :D

So, the wedding, the honeymoon, BookInADay... whew. That's a lot.

Anyway, I have chapter nine. Yes, it's really short. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. :/

I was soon beginning to regret wandering off into Route 17. After the explosion, the earth might have been shaking less, but now Dudley had found me again and was practically taking me against my will to follow him to his laboratory, where he said his brother Nathan was. It was pretty pathetic seeing this man beg, but he was wanting protection. From what, I had asked? No response. Given the fact that there was a dangerous event in the equation and this explosion had probably taken place at his lab, I didn't argue. How could I say no to him if his family might be at stake? At this point I had caught a Pidove, a Patrat and a Frillish, in addition to my Snivy, and two of the four could be useful if there was a fire.

When we came around the final bend of the sandbanks, the beach opened up into a wooden boardwalk, which was attached to a metallic bridge. It led on for about half a mile; on the other end of the bridge was a building in the distance surrounded in flames, with a dark cloud of smoke stemming from it and pushing through the atmosphere.

"Nathan!" Dudley cried hysterically, pushing me aside and sprinting past in his lab attire faster than I could expect a professor of any kind to run. I couldn't let him go on by himself so I started to run after him, which was quite difficult to do in skinny jeans. My glasses started to slide down my face uncontrollably, and I started to tire out very quickly. He was much faster than me despite being dressed in heavier clothing.

Halfway down the bridge a few people stopped him dead in his tracks. He kept screaming his brother's name, but as my feet continued to clang against the metal walkway, I noticed that the people were impeding him from progressing any further.

"But my brother - my brother!" screeched Dudley as one of two men in rather odd astronaut-like uniforms pinned him to the rail with brute force. As I slowed down, I approached the old man wearing a red ceremonial robe standing next to them, turning to me once I stopped in place.

I grunted and scowled: something wasn't right, and I had to speak up. "What are you guys doing? There's a fire! Can't you see he's trying to go see if his brother is safe?"

The man bowed at a glacial pace with a suppressed smile. "Hmph! Young man, I would address your elders with more respect. What we are doing is strictly our business. I suggest that you leave."

The second man altered his stance, as if ready to pin me down as well.

I shook my head and in anticipation reached for my Snivy's Poké Ball on my belt as I backed away, keeping my eye on the laboratory engulfed in flames. "Don't you see what you're doing? It's inhumane and wrong. Let him go! His brother needs him!"

The second man looked at my hand at my belt and laughed as he pulled a Poké Ball from his coat. "I didn't want to do this, kid, but if you insist..."

Before I could do anything, the rusty bridge shuddered and shook, throwing off everyone's balance. I could barely stay standing; the first man's grip slipped as he let go of Dudley, who kept running as if he had never been apprehended and as if the bridge wasn't shaking. After letting go, he fell backward over the rail and into the water, kicking and screaming. The second man fell to the walkway as the elderly man fell to his knees while gripping the rail. Shifting my attention to the water, I took note that the currents - once tranquil and barely disturbed - were now incredibly violent.

"What's going on?" shouted one of the men, followed by several grunts by the older man.

"Dudley, be careful!" I shouted, eventually having to cling to the guard rail. The bridge seemed so fragile and poorly built, having easily been knocked side to side by the waves.

Tiny little tsunamis were beginning to form, spilling water onto the bridge. In the distance, in the direction Dudley was going, the waves were much more ferocious. My heart nearly sank as my eyes couldn't spot Dudley when a large mass of water suddenly spilled by the building, eventually collecting enough strength to douse the flames in one fell swoop.

The force of the water was so great that it had affected the three of us that were left on the bridge. The second man randomly went overboard, but the old man and I remained on deck. But it still had enough strength to drench me in water and send me flying backwards. I felt a strong blow to the head and, blanking out, felt as if some strange combination television static and light disturbed my vision.

It was a large bout of pain, but as I fell out of consciousness, I sensed an eerie light shining upon me as a small horse-like Pokémon began to trot towards me.
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