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Default Re: Youtube is liberal?

Well, I'm up here in the land of sunshine and rainbows known as the stable Saskatchewan economy, or in a large, Canada.

What I can say, is it could be one thing, the Liberals are a lot more internet savvy, I guess. What people don't understand, is that "top" channels are there because of a few things: Views, Subscribers, and Likes. I'm sure you know what these are. Views are a-no, the biggest part of this, and people don't realize that. So really, it could be a bunch of Conservatives watching it.

DERP. I'm now just reading the actual article, and I have to say this: Yeah, kinda. Well, it seems that there was obviously money changing hands here, liberals giving Google money to be on this list.

Although it could be either way. Heck, Machinima, Smosh, and BlackBoxTV are on that list XD

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