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Default Youtube is liberal?

Interesting article. I actually think that this is an actual article made to be complementing leftists in general or something. With the current US political spectrum being right (Democrats) and far right (Republicans), we hardly hear about leftists in general nowadays.

Well, the article talks about how youtube is leftist and how there isn't a conservative voice to be heard (which btw isn't true, they just aren't popular on youtube). But I'd like to address something about liberalism first.

Well, apparently "Liberal" is a negative word when it comes to the media. What are these people talking about? Liberal is a GOOD word. It's assicated with freedom and equality. Look at the definitions on While the first 3 definitions are associated with "progressiveness", the third is as such:

favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
As far as I can tell, this is a very positive thing and is part of the US constitution. Whatever Fox News is trying to say, liberalism is, undoubtedly in its purest dictionary form, associated with the American Dream. In that aspect, science is associated with political conservatism (everything is under scrutiny and skepticism, even the theory of gravity, now relativity), it is also associated with liberalism in its striving towards progress and expansion of knowledge. Heck, medicine is liberalism at its finest: compassion, altruism, respect, and empathy are central tenents of medicine (though whether or not somebody follows such a tenent is up for debate). In that aspect, I guess I am a politically conservative flaming liberal. >.>

Youtube remains an area of the internet that has freedom of speech. People can and are allowed to speak their mind in any way they want on Youtube and are then subjected to the scrutiny of the public. If the voice is made and isn't being popular, it is, perhaps, simply that the opinion isn't popular or the prevailing voice to be heard.

But I must digress once again, I want to actually get to know some of these conservatives in general. In life, they probably are pleasant people. I understand that disagreements are going to happen, but I have yet to understand why tolerance isn't being taught in any school of thought either. I'm not quite sure on how to have such patience for that matter either. But I am human, and this is quite a difficult concept to wrap my head about as well.

In any case, what doees one think about youtube? Is it simply because it's pushing for a liberal agenda that its top 100 channels are liberal? Or is it rather a reflection of the population in the world in general?
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