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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
I would argue that it's because the US is so conservative religiously. Arguments that can be framed in a religious context tend to get muddied and stall.
Agreed. It's a very interesting subject in it that there is a correlation between progessive stances vs religious affiliations. That is, the way one grows up and the social structure to which a single person belongs in is so great that it often overcomes any rational thought, liberal or conservative. Most certainly an economics professor is not going to understand how an anthropologist works and vice versa.

The US is in itself a right-leaning country. The left-most party is a right-leaning party and the right wing party is in the far right. When given that those are the only choices, it is rather tough for one to have any seriously progressive mindframe to exist.

In essence, on this topic, it's not whether homosexuality is ethical, if one considers that depending on this sliding scale of mindframes and worldviews, it is either or. We can, however, objectively state that this is ethical in it that we hold certain standard principles of ethicality and homosexuality doesn't actually break any rules that would make it unethical.
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