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Default Re: Should homosexuals be allowed to marry?

So it seems anyone who disagrees with those who side w/ gay rights and marriage are going to get flamed, ganged up on, and bashed in one way or another. Because people aren't allowed to have personal opinions and everyone will always agree 100% of the time on things.

Oh, and acting like telling someone to "research a topic or else you have no right to an opinion" is going to make a person who disagrees with you go "OMFG YOU'RE RIGHT I'M SO WRONG WOE IS ME".

Shouldn't we also say that if people want to be pro-gay rights and marriage they should have to research the topic before forming an opinion? No? Oh that's right, it's OPINION. If any of you who agree to gay marriage were told to "do research" by anti-gay marriage people you'd ignore them, wouldn't you? I know I would, because I've already formed an opinion on the subject. For anyone who cares, I'm pro-gay, only you have the right to decide who makes you happy and who you want to be with.

This isn't even a discussion or a thoughtful debate. This is just people ganging up on others of a different belief and bashing them for having different views on something. If another Mod thinks otherwise then they can unlock it, but for now I'm closing this thread.
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