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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Location:Top Deck
Destination:room-Top Deck

Looking over the edge of the boat, he watched as a boat sailed off. He began to wonder what he'd missed this whole time. Seeing as there was nothing more to see, he decided to go on and explore more of the ship. Though his exportation would soon come to a halt, as a voice over the intercom would com on. He sigh some, and shrug a bit. "oh will, I guess that's life..." he said to himself, as he made his was back to his room packing up his things. Making sure he did not forget anything in the room. He'd soon find himself in a line with the other passengers that seem to also be happy to finally get of the ship. He gave a light yawn, while he stood there awaiting to get off the ship. He finally set foot on solid ground, how happy he was to explore the new area. He was so excited he not watch his footing, and start to roll down the ramp. As he would land on his chest, a pokeball knocking him out. The ball began to glow, as suddenly a big black ball would float over him. The big black figure floated over his head, while looked up. "it's ok buddy I'm fine...hahah guess I could say I was falling for you." though the cheesy joke was lame, the Pokemon could not help but laugh. Seeing the pokemon laugh he laugh to, as he could not help it.

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