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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

Chane Unx
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The ship was here, at last. Time to begin the trials of a Pokemon Journey though a land where the police became another idiot Team-and said idiot Team seemed to like killing. He'd get to the closest town first-Avar Town, from the map-and start journeying from there. In truth, his father never really specified what a journey was, but that probably meant he was expecting him to do what people do on these kinds of things: Make friends, battle other trainers, take a few risks, have fun, so on and so forth.

He stepped off the ship, taking the first step into the unknown...Hopefully, he would come out of this for the better.

"Hey! Hey, person who almost got shot!" Said someone. Chane looked back, and found Avalon-who never heard his name, apparently.

"Huh? My name's-

"Uh, yhea, I have a problem. I don't have a map, and you do, so mind if I tag along?" Avalon said.

Chane looked at Avalon. He wasn't picking his friends based on appearance, of all things, but Avalon looked physically strong. Physical Strength was something Chane lacked. Avalon looked eager, and easily prone to stupid mistakes. Besides, traveling in a group would certianly help.

"I wouldn't mind at all. My name's Chane, by the way." Chane said to Avalon.

"Oh, thanks!" Avalon said. Chane smiled-at least he had some company, and that asides, Avalon seemed to make a good partner.


Pokemon Trainer
Port Freeman

Avalon knew only this much: he was at Suvaty, for real, and he would be having as much fun as he could handle...And...He didn't have a map. A lot of other useful stuff, but no map.

He was already off the ship, and the only person with a map was the guy who nearly got shot. He never got to look at it, and he didn't want to badger the old man for a second map, not to mention that he had lost track of said old man to boot. There was no other way around it.

"Hey! Hey, person who almost got shot!" Avalon said-he really didn't know his name.

The taller, older, poorer-looking guy turned around. "Huh? My name's-"

"Uh, yhea, I have a simple problem. I don't have a map, and you do, so mind if I tag along?" Avalon asked.

The guy he was asking looked at him for a few minutes before answering. "I wouldn't mind at all. My name's Chane, by the way." Chane said.

"Oh, thanks!" Avalon said. Partners were good to have on journies-groups fared better than individuals. Plus, now things would be even more fun!
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