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Originally Posted by UltimateBrawl View Post
Here we go.

Christianity is not based on entitlement. Give me ONE EXAMPLE from the Bible on this.

Hmmm.... getting lots of money with little to no work? Oh! THAT'S ENTITLMENT.

Capitalism. Just. is. It creates a system where people must work hard to get things, and it's the most succesfull system to date. Capitalism only fails when it's manipulated too far away from what it should be(*coughcough* progressives *coughcough*)
Yes, it is. What do you think it means when you win an award, and then you say "Thank God I have this talent/reward". Or the fact that God created the Earth just for us. Or that God created the entire universe just for us. We think we are entitled if we believe what you believe.

It is a form of entitlement. However, the fact of the matter is this. We live on a planet that has 7 billion people on it. Work is scarce in today's economy. So here are my points, young grasshopper.

A) Welfare: Necessary. There will always be an unemployment rate in every healthy economy. Not because one is lazy, but because there is a job competitiveness.

B) Yes, a few people abuse socialist systems, but then again you are probably against Obamacare. Well, let me tell you, plenty of people leech off the current healthcare system and our taxpayers pay for it.

What are you talking about? Have you seen the U.S' deficit? China is Communist and they have an amazing economy. Capitalism is not the best system. Do you even know why people were protesting Wall Street? And again, Marxist ideals are not based off of entitlement, they're based off a basic human right. Equality. How a dictator rises to power and abuses a Communist system is another thing.
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