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Default Re: ASB Announcements

So you guys, do you remember how we had that time period where almost nobody was posting? Well, I'd very much like it to be over! However, my wanting it to be over isn't really going to do much. That's where you guys, the loyal members of the Anime-Style Battling League, come in. Your task is mind-bogglingly easy: just post any ideas you have that will help us get back on our feet in this thread here - and I mean any; even if you think your idea sounds dumb, post it. If we're going to somehow manage to come up with a way to revive the League after this hiatus, it'll probably be you guys doing it because obviously the staff hasn't come up with anything yet - or we would have done it! And don't worry; you won't go unrewarded. If your idea is implemented, we'll pay you with shiny ASB moneys, the amount depending on the complexity and the likeliness your idea has to actually draw activity/new members. Any and all ideas are appreciated. So please, post your thoughts! The more new ideas, the closer we'll be to an active, busy League again.
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