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Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
What would happen if a WAE interacted with their respective creative art (eg a WAE Scribez reads a really good essay)?
Well the art, like Sona's, have an anti form.

If a WAE, a strong one, ran into a positive creative form of it's type, such as that good essay, they will be affected by that essay in a way that would...harm them mentally you could say...

Lets use the metaphor of Light against Dark. Light being Deviant creativity, and Dark being WAE.

Basically, one will harm the other if it is potent enough and for how long of a duration it is, and how well done said creative form was pulled off and made. The anti forms are such things as subliminal messaging in video, propaganda and degradating scriptures, mundane drawling on of repeated statements that claw at the brain in speak, bland, borderlin poisonous food, you get the idea.

One can provoke the other into influencing them to the other side. If they are strong enough, they can take that opposing side and use it against the original creator for even more effectiveness.
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