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Default Bionicle Rebirth SU

10 years after the events of bara magna Mata nui has fell asleep due to the loss of his power.He had a limited power
that only lasted for awhile but now he has fell back asleep.Makuta the great
darkened brother of mata nui has fell asleep and the matoran have been saved.
With makuta finally defeated the toa have now been multiplied to save the matoran
With one toa for every element.They have been reduced to saving matoran from
wild rahi and regular dangers. But now that is not all something darker than
shadow,a greater rival than makuta,and a stronger threat than the barraki.
This is not called the shadowed one he is called.... wraith.
Soon what will happen to the new island of nika-nui.Can the toa finally defeat the new enemy
or will the universe of the bionicle finally be consumed by wraith's minions
your mission become a toa or a matoran and unravel the mystery of the past the present and the future of the newcoming evil.

1:no godmodding
2:no spamming
3:respect other rpers wishes ( unless he/she is being mean)
4:have fun with this do as much as you can
you will start out in a canister as a toa or a matoran and find your way to one of the city's your element will be on the sand where you sat when coming in.
then you take it from there

Sign up:toa
Mask power:
Appearance:(1 paragraph at the least)
Element:(fire,air,water,stone,earth,ice or your own)
Sign up:matoran
Appearance:(1 paragraph at the least)
Destiny:(what you will do as the story progresses)

Hope this gets up and at it

Like a Baws

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