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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Bastia, Artemis, Apollo, Lillie, and Rei
Nobody, Not sure, Nobody, and Humans (Well, close enough...)
Hotel, Traverse Town

"Bas found her getting chased down by Heartless not too long ago and she's been staying with us since, if you can really ccall that taking care of her," Apollo said, eyeing Rufus's hand. Artemis and Lillie finally seemed to be satisfied with their inspection of Rei and let her go. The smaller woman darted towards her employer with a silly grin plastered to her face.

"I'm glad you are well, sir." She just barely seemed to reel in her excitement and relief before she did something incredibly stupid. Meanwhile, Bastia had descended the stairs to join Artemis and Lillie, the shorter of the two immediately attached herself to the woman's side. Apollo moved closer to the group as Rufus mentioned Organization XIII and Bastia's eyes seemed to burn with a sudden intensity.

"Where would you have heard that?" Bastia asked, moving an arm to wrap it around Artemis while Lillie looked confused. She hadn't heard much about this Organization XIII group from Bastia other than the group she was staying with were going against them, how did this man seem to know? "However, though I would like to know where you heard about the Organization, since information on it is not incredibly easy to find, I will tell you that we are against them to keep you and Apollo from trying to tear each other to shreds," she offered, causing Artemis to pull away from her to practically drag Apollo into the group, where she then latched on to him rather than Bastia. Lillie opened her mouth as if to say something, then promptly closed it, looking embarrassed as she suddenly remembered her inability to speak.

“We have certain things that we wish to protect,” Apollo looked down at the girl latched to his side meaningfully before continuing to speak. “And that aside, we never liked them much in the first place.”

“Screwy morals and death orders just aren’t our cup of tea,” Bastia said, Rei glanced back to her.

“Death orders?” the girl asked.

Little Cafe/Tavern, Traverse Town

Nox tried to go on eating her pie like it was nothing. She even succeeded for a little while, but what Trouble had mentioned stayed at the back of her mind. Was the girl like her? She kept wondering, but it seemed she would fully find out as Trouble seemed to react to something she didn’t quite hear. She caught a faint echo from the Shadow’s mind, but not enough to understand much beyond the fact that he was now running along the shadows to the girl from before. /No, Trouble! Dangit, get back here! They’ll kill us if they see you!/

/But girl like us!/ The Shadow protested, still going.

/You don’t know that for sure, and there are other humans around!/ Nox shouted mentally, however it seemed that Trouble would not be stopped. Concerned for the safety of her little friend, Nox sighed and shoved her chair back, walking over to the table, trying not to run or shake. “Excuse me,” she said after approaching the table. “you wouldn’t happen to have sugar over here, would you?”

Meanwhile her thoughts were directed at ordering Trouble to go back to their table with stunning force. The Shadow had yet to comply.

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